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Nizwa Friday market

October 25, 2012
Okay…so… I know that I tend to blog alot about stuff that you might not find interesting but honestly our trip to Nizwa Market was the best thing I have done in Oman since I arrived here. In Muscat I haven’t really experienced a huge culture shock like some people do but in Nizwa it was like time had stood still from hundreds of years ago.

The animal auction and market is held on a Friday morning and definitely worth the 90 minute drive there. We took Colin’s Mom and his six year old son out for the journey and the looks on their faces when we arrived really was priceless!!

In this case the pictures tell the story better than me rambling and you have to see it to believe it!

We had an early start leaving at 8am but it is a beautiful and picturesque drive through the mountains. The writing on the mountain is the name of a town we passed on the way.

As we arrived into Nizwa I was hoping after all this drive we hadn’t missed it but we were not diasapointed. At first it was the odd goat or cow in the back of a pick up and the closer we got the more we saw.
Nathan was chuffed to see some baby camels in a truck…
The Sook (Market) is a popular with both the locals and tourists. There is a big arena in the animal section where the animals are paraded before they are put up for auction. We found cows, bulls, goats, camels and chickens.

If you want to see how much I stick out from the locals just have a look at their clothes then have a look at me.. No wonder I get stared at!!

A guy taking his goat for a walk…

The Bedouin women with the masks supposedly know the best prices.
This Omani guy was very keen to have his picture taken and show off his sword collection, who am I to argue with a dude with a sword and guns on the wall?? nice eyes though.
Nathan even got his own DishDasha made for him! Cute!
Here is just a few last pictures to finish up 🙂

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