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The Duncan’s are front page news!

November 30, 2012
When I receive an email into my inbox with the title “OMG” my little gossip receptors go into overdrive, that’s surely got to be something exciting to be worthy of a title like that!

The email in question came from a friend and former boss who, like me, loves a good story! The “OMG” worthy moment was to let me know that our wedding picture had made it onto the front page of the local paper back home. Now this confused me…. We got married 4 months ago and it wasn’t anything spectacular or newsworthy, so why now?

I emailed the paper to thank them and ask why. They replied saying that they loved our photo and thought it was worthy of showing and someone, possibly my mother in law, had been on the phone to ask why it hadn’t been in the paper yet. Of course she will deny all knowledge of this 😉 lol

Anyway here is our debut on the front cover of the Banffshire Journal, next stop Vanity Fair 😛

The caption reads “Heather Robertson and Colin Duncan, formally of Williamson Place, Banff were married in the town and now live in Muscat, Oman”. Why do newspapers insist on printing your street address?!

We had so many better pictures taken that day this one is no where near as nice as the rest but I am never happy. I look a bit of a creep with my protective hand claiming my prize haha.

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  • Reply Andrew Brown November 30, 2012 at 11:33 PM

    That’s a beautiful pic of you 2! 🙂 Congrats on making the front page!

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