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Christmas Spirit, I miss you..

An idol of mine, Buddy the Elf, once said – “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”… Only this year I’m singing and no one else is joining in…

I make no secret of the fact that I luuuurve Christmas, it makes me think of happy times as a child getting all excited and trying to force myself to sleep on Christmas Eve convincing myself that I just heard sleighbells and a reindeer outside. Then to be woken at crazy o’clock by my sister to sneak down and look through the glass door at all the presents under the tree before Mom & Pop Robertson woke up (I say we only looked, we had no choice as Pops had fitted a sliding bolt to the top of the door because he knew how sneaky we were, dammit)……Only this year it’s going to be a whole lot different.

For one I have never been away from my family for Christmas so that is going to be the first big thing for me and secondly I have never been in a Muslim country over the festive season. I know my family will cope just fine without me but the question is will I cope without them? I am predicting tears on Christmas day when the reality hits me, as Colin keeps telling me “it’s only another day, what’s so special?”. I guess he is right but it is times like birthdays and Christmas that the home sickness really kicks in. Right now I am feeling it!

You don’t appreciate the little things about a Christmas at home until you aren’t there to enjoy them, I am going to list my top ten things that I will miss, in no particular order. This is probably hugely boring for you but I am making myself feel better by typing it:

1- I miss the cold weather, the frost and even the snow – no chance of a white Christmas out here when its 28 degrees on the 21st December.

2- I miss the excitement and the build up to it and the saying goodbyes at work for the “see you in the New Year”.

3- I miss the presents, both giving and recieving them. I always spoil my brother as I love seeing his face get all excited before Christmas guessing what I have bought him, now that he is old enough to have a proper job he spoils me back so all those years of gifts weren’t in vain.

4- I miss Christmas decorations, lights and general festive stuff. I even miss the snowman Christmas light in Inverurie that looks more like a used condom.

5- I miss the family bickers and my Dad getting stressed over cooking while we all snooze on the sofa. We always ask if he wants help and get a “well it’s too late now”, he loves the stress really.

6- I miss my nephews, Ben & Adam, Christmas is more magical when there are children around.

7- I miss the tradition me and my sister have that we always wear new PJ’s on Christmas eve. I even bought mine for this year, I might send her a picture of them just to keep the tradition going.

8- I miss the fact that everyone tries to get on for one day and makes an effort to be in touch just because it’s Christmas.

9- I miss the food!! Especially my favourite part, turkey and sausage meat stuffing!

10- And to sum it up, I miss the whole bloody thing!!

                                           This sums up my festive mood right now…

But to think of happy times, this time last year I had my gorgeous little puppy sitting under the Christmas tree at 7 weeks old.
We are lucky enough to have our friends coming over for a Christmas meal this year so we have something to keep us occupied, I will even be having my first attempt at making a turkey – wish me luck! 
So to everyone celebrating with their families and friends for Christmas this year, please appreciate and love each other it is that magical time of year after all and have a great time.
Love Heather 🙂 xx
PS- Santa if you are reading this I would like a new pair of Ray Bans and a pair of brown boots from Aldo.

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  • Reply Charmine 18/12/2014 at 9:19 AM

    Hi..read your article, and felt too emotional, u know Christmas is the best time of the year but sometimes life takes so many turn that we forget those time and there is no one to remind us about it…
    anyway…i really like ur columns…:)

    • Reply Heather 19/12/2014 at 4:10 PM

      Thanks for your Charmine.

      I always put waaaay too much pressure on myself so it’s my own fault really. I can’t promise that this year I will be any better but I’ll try..

      Hoping that this year you have a wonderful festive period 🙂 🙂

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