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A sad find on Azaiba beach


Whilst walking along Azaiba beach, Muscat, with my friend we stumbled across something that we didn’t expect to see.. Two large Manta Rays and two Eagle Rays lying dead on the beach with their fins cut off.

This is what a Manta Ray and an Eagle Ray should look like happy and swimming around the ocean..

And this is what we found… 🙁

I’m no great explorer or wildlife expert so I relied on good old Google to try and help me understand why someone would be so cruel.

Apparently their gills are used in Chinese medicine or, due to the fact they are part of the Shark family, they can be used to make the famous ‘Shark Fin Soup’.

Either way, it is sad to see something so beautiful and graceful tossed aside dead on the beach. 

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  • Reply lapirk 15/01/2013 at 10:39 AM

    we can be an evil species. someone once said – “if animals do have a concept of god, humans would be their image of the devil” ..

  • Reply kapil 16/01/2013 at 8:22 AM

    There’s a family of about 4 rays and 3-4 large turtles on corniche promenade opposite Riyam park.

    It’s sad to see that there’s also litter and plastic bags in the water there. Can lead to only one thing sooner or later 🙁

    That’s a sad sight.

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