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Making the most of the Scottish Food


I did a blog post a little while ago about “The search for fish & chips in Muscat” and then again about “My native Scottish food” but here I am away to speak about food yet again..

During my time in the UK I really did make the most of the delicious, and highly calorific, foods available and gorged myself with all the delights that I have missed out on while being away. It was scrumptious but was it worth it? Umm no…I feel disgusting and greasy after it all and craving some salad.

My first night at home I had Fish & Chips from The Crown chip shop in Banff. Oh my it tasted so good but my stomach wasn’t used to fried food anymore, cue stomach ache!

Surely everyone in the world knows what Macaroni Cheese is? So simple yet so delicious, just Macaroni Pasta and lots of cheese sauce.

I also managed to fit in a Nutella Crepe with a Latte from the Kilted Frog in Inverurie to warm me up on a cold afternoon, what is it about cold afternoons that makes you eat more?!

A lazy snowy afternoon in Banff with a cup of tea, newspaper and my favorite cake from the Baker shop. It’s called an “Aeroplane” or some people call it an “Envelope”, it’s basically just pastry folded up with jam and pink icing.

I also managed to fit in an Indian feast with poppadoms and curry so thanks Linda for the food and the laughs. Eating seems to be such a social thing to do and always better with good company.

So many delicious meals but now the diet and exercise must begin again….maybe tomorrow…

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