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A trip “home” to the UK

February 16, 2013
Hello Blog Readers, I’m back and trying to get these creative blog juices running – it’s been a while.

That is me back in lovely Muscat after a trip home to the UK to visit friends and family. It was nice to see everyone and visit where we are from but for both Colin and Myself it just cemented even more how much we love living in Oman and were happy to get back to our own lives again.

Here are some of the things that we got upto while in the UK and I will apologize now for the recurring theme of the same jacket and white hat, It was so bitterly cold and I didn’t have many winter clothes left.


My main reason for returning home when I did was the visit my oldest and dearest friend, Samantha, at her baby shower. She is pregnant with her first child and I can’t wait to be Auntie Heather! Since I won’t be around for the birth of her Bambino I wanted to be there for some part of her pregnancy. Luckily we  got to spend alot of time together due to the fact she was on maternity leave so we made the most of it with lots of cups of tea and yapping.

Me and Samantha and we even got a rare 5 mins with her/our brother, Simon to reunite “The Wolfpack”.

Colin got to spend lots of time with his son, Nathan, which was his main reason for making the long trip home. This photo made me laugh, it’s like he has a “mini me”.

I got to spend some precious time with my twin nephews, Ben and Adam, when I picked them up from school and surprised them, the look on their little faces to surprise them was worth the journey home. Please ignore the bags under my eyes travelling combined with flu is tiring!!

I got to catch up with my other best friend, Kay, also and we went for a lovely brunch at the Malmaison hotel. Perfect for a cold snowy Sunday then snuggled at her house with a blanket and a cup of tea 🙂

Here I am with my friend Cheryl in her shop, Vanity. I popped in for a visit and jumped behind the counter for a picture where she pointed out that I am wearing the same jacket and hat again lol.

Samantha and Myself managed a stop for a Crepe and a cup of coffee at the Kilted Frog, yummy!

As nice as it was to see all the special people in my life, I am left a little confused as to where “home” is now. I didn’t feel settled nor enjoy myself the way I expected to. Am I home here in Oman? Or am I at home wherever me and Colin are together? 
A peaceful moment on the plane happy knowing i’m going back to Oman, only a year ago I would never have believed that I would feel this way.

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