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The First SUP lesson


Back in January of this year I blogged about my first attempt at Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP’ing) and this weekend I took my brother to show him what it is all about.

Luckily for us the owners, who are good friends of mine, had some free time to show my brother a crash course in learning to paddle. As he currently lives in Scotland and works in the infamously cold North Sea, he doesn’t have many opportunities to try such a sport in such an amazing location. So when in Rome and all that jazz…

The weather on the day wasn’t exactly in our favor as the wind was a little too strong making the conditions a little choppy for learning. But Graham persisted and he was soon up on his feet and confident enough to go into the deeper water. The deeper water is more difficult because if you fall off your board you have to haul your body back onto the board instead of using the sea bed to jump and spring yourself back up.

Graham and Peter venturing a little further from shore. It doesn’t look choppy but believe me any little wave is diffcult when you are learning.

Paddle Boarding uses muscles in your body that you probably have never felt ache before so after a good session it really gets your muscles going. What a good way to get a decent work out and still have fun!

It didn’t take Graham long to be confident paddling around on his own and his determination was inspiring me to get back on a board.

Here is me paddling around, clearly soaked because I fell in very ungracefully.
If you want to try some stand up paddle boarding then look them up on Facebook at “Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Oman”.

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    Nice photos.. totally Paddle Boarding is cool.

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