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Friday Boating


On Friday I was invited to a day boating with some friends to swim, drink and have some fun. How could you say no to that?! My darling husband did, he told me that ‘boating’ just wasn’t his thing. Oh well, you can’t please them all so I left him at home with his guitar and I went off to have some fun. What a great wife I am šŸ˜›

This ‘friend of a friend’ berths his boat at Marina Bandar Rawdha and we headed along and got on board with the essentials… You know it’s going to get messy when 3 sacks full of ice arrive to fill all these cool boxes full of alcohol.
So we head out on the party boat with the wind blowing, drinks flowing and we are all excited for a day in the sun.
With three massive outboard motors on this boat it took us 15 minutes instead of the usual 40 to reach our destination. We set down the anchor at BK2 beach (Bandar Kyran is its proper name).
What an amazing place for a party! There were about 12 other boats full of people all having a great time swimming, banana boats, jet skiis, speed boats etc.
I am clearly loving this jet skii that our friends brought with them.
Then a random man on a jet ski arrives next to our boat. He has an inflatable ring tied on the back and asks if we want to go for a spin…ummm ok…so we climb on this ring and get whizzed round the bay as he tries to throw us off. No chance buddy! Only in Oman is this ok for a random guy to do this and still be safe, in other countries he would probably drag you back to his lair but this guy was nice and just wanted everyone to share what he had. You gotta love the generous Omanis!
Then my darling husband text me to see how we were, I told him how much fun we were having and how fast the jet skiis were. His text reply was “You never told me there would be jet skiis, where are you????” Well, well, well now he wants to join in!
Hats off to him for what came next, if you have ever been to BK you will know that it is a great place to be because you can only really get there by boat so it’s only ever boating people that go there, that didn’t stop Colin. He drove 25km from Muscat down the coast on some crazy rocky roads that challenge the suspension on any car. Then he navigated his way down a rock face like a mountain goat with a rucksack on his back full of Magners. THEN stood on the beach and hitched a lift from a passing jet ski all just to get to this boat we were on.
The prize for biggest dedication to Friday Boating goes to Colin!
Here are some photos from through the day..
Well a great day was had by all and once the sun went down it was time to head home to bed. We are truly blessed to have theseĀ opportunitiesĀ in life and to be living in such an amazing place that they are all possible.

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