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Penny’s first Wadi

April 1, 2013
Today Penny had the best day of her puppy dog life! Fact.

I got a text from friends first thing this morning asking if I wanted to go hiking to Wadi Shab. Sh*t I’ve slept in. I’m never going to have enough time to give the dog a decent walk before I leave and be ready to go in the next 40 minutes. So I text my friend “Can dogs go to the Wadi’s?”. Two minutes later “Hell yeahhhh”. So that was that sorted, I could still have my hike and the dog wasn’t going to sit at home unwalked and sad.

If you are in Oman and you have never been to Wadi Shab then I suggest you take the time to visit, it is about 1.5 hours drive from Muscat heading South on the road to Sur. You can find the route in the Oman Off Road book and is one of the most popular outdoor places for tourists as people of mostly all abilites can find enjoyment here. The word “Wadi” means valley in Arabic so expect rocks, water etc in any Wadi you visit.

When you arrive in the car park you must then take a small fishing boat across the mouth of the water to get onto the walking trail. Then I thought “Ahh crap I’ll have to swim across with the dog” as most people here are scared of big dogs but luckily for me the man driving the boat didn’t care as we just gave him a little extra money. FYI, each person usually pays about 200 biasa (32p) each so bring change with you.

Now we are across the water and ready to start our walk in the Wadi. We go through the palm trees and into the mouth of the Wadi.

Here is me and my little fluff ball doggy in the pools of water keeping cool

There are several pools of lovely fresh, cold water to swim and have some fun and Penny was making the most of it. The temperature was 34 degrees and she was too hot but keeping her fur wet helped her to cope.

Here we are swimming together in the water

Look at Mummy’s pretty girl 🙂

Penny is a very fit and able dog as she is still 1.5 years old and she coped really well with the heat, crowds, swimming and climbing. And I took her on this hike because I knew she could handle all of these things, if your dog is not a good walker/jumper/pulls too much or runs to people I would advise that you stay away from places like this as the locals generally do not appreciate dogs in the first place and it is not enjoyable for you or the people around you. The ledges get very narrow and there are steep slopes, you need your dog to be obedient here or it will end in them falling off a cliff or pushing someone else. This is a moderately difficult walk for humans never mind scared doggies.

Look at the tongue!

I’m not even sure if dogs are allowed in the Wadis, they aren’t supposed to be allowed on the beaches, but I didn’t see any signs and no one stopped us so it was all good.

After 3.5 hours of walking, jumping, swimming and literally only sitting down once Penny made it back to the car in one piece. She is quite the little mountain goat these days.

As I type she is lying on the bed next to me sound asleep. A tired dog is a happy dog.

If you are travelling to Wadi Shab please remember the following things-
  • Water! Summer time is coming and you don’t want to be dehydrated
  • Flat, sensible walking shoes. You will need to climb at some points so you must be stable. Your shoes are going to get wet no matter what and the pools are often very slippery.
  • Sun protection. When going from pool to pool you forget how strong the sun is. I wore sun glasses, factor 30 suncream and a tshirt with UV protection upto SPF40.
  • 200 biasa each for the boat across the water
  • Girls should remain modestly dressed when in pools of water. If you want to wear a bikini I’d advise still putting a tshirt over the top, believe me I learnt the hard way last time!!

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  • Reply Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) April 2, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    We pay 200 baisa per boat trip, no matter how many people;). Poor expats;p

    I love Wadi Shab! I imagine your dog was so happy:)

  • Reply The Duncan Adventures April 2, 2013 at 9:48 AM

    Maybe it is 200 per boat trip and I have been over paying him all this time? Haha. There are many different prices for locals and expats though.

    Yeah I really love awarding Shab too it’s such a cool place to go, today I met an Omani who has never heard of Wadi Shab (he is from Barka) so I am making it my mission to get him there 🙂

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