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26-28 weeks pregnant – Goodbye belly bar & second trimester

November 28, 2013
It’s starting to feel like I’ve been pregnant for quite a long time but the thing that keeps you going and your excitement levels up are hitting the big milestones and by 28 weeks that is the second trimester behind us and we are onto the third and final trimester – yipee!
At 26 weeks I have a clear bump but I still have a good majority of my trotters visible before they disappear, it might help that I already have huge feet though?
My general health has been pretty good the past few weeks and I’ve been feeling healthy and active, this is only achieved by taking my vitamins religiously, an afternoon nap and my weekly yoga class. If I miss any of these things I feel the strain alot more. But hey it’s working for now so I’m gonna stick with them.
At 27 weeks I said a sad goodbye to my belly button piercing, it was a tough day. After 10 years together it is very strange to look at my stomach and it’s not there anymore. I probably could have kept it in for a couple more weeks but the skin around it was getting very tight and I didn’t want it to rip – that would be gross!
The best part of 28 weeks was having another scan at the hospital and seeing our little guy on the screen. He is growing perfectly on schedule and already weighs about 2.5lbs. We also got to see his face properly on the 3D scan for the first time which was amazing, usually he is hiding or has his hands over his face but this time we could clearly see him. I think he has my mouth? I can’t help but let my mind wander as to what he will look like when he is born.
26 weeks in my only maternity dress. Still plenty of room to grow in it which is good.

How far along: 28 weeks

How are you measuring: Perfectly on schedule. I haven’t started measuring my actual bump yet, I’m not too big still.

Size of baby: He weighs around 2.5lbs at 28 weeks and will continue to pork his little body up for birth. Lets hope he isn’t too huge.. The doc says right now he is bang on average which is good news for me, his Daddy is a big guy.

Sleep: Sadly sleep has been pretty crap for a few weeks now, I wake up alot through the night as I’m getting kicked at all angles by the karate kid or I just can’t settle into a sleep pattern. An afternoon nap is a must these days if I want to function like a human.

Total weight gain:  Now this bit doesn’t please me… I’ve started to pack on the pregnancy pounds boooo! The average weight gain by now is 17-20lbs and I have put on about 15lbs I think, I still haven’t worked it out properly because I just don’t want to know. No stretch marks yet.

Symptoms: Lower back pain is a real tough one, I’ve been trying to make it better by walking with the dog, yoga and wearing sensible shoes – yuk. Trying to strengthen my back is tough when it hurts but it can only benefit in the long run so I’m sticking with it.

Movement: Oh my, this little jelly bean just doesn’t stop. People in the cinema must have thought I was terrified at a film with all the oohh’s and ouch’s I was doing but it was actually because I had Baby D’s feet in my ribs, that’s a sore one. I have to wriggle about to try and move him but the doctor says it’s a good thing because that means he is already head down.

Maternity Clothes: Still no new clothes, money is tight and maternity clothes are so expensive so I’ve been making do with what I have.

Must eat: Croissants!! They are so wonderful and flaky delicious I can’t get enough. Trying so hard to limit my intake to only a couple a week but I think about them every day. How sad is that?!

Must not eat: Nothing really that I am avoiding which is good.

Best Moment of the week: Seeing our little guy at the 28 week scan and seeing his chubby little cheeks 🙂

Gender predictions: IT’S A BOY!

What I wish people knew: That I really do want to make plans and go to dinners, movies and parties but by 8pm when everyone is meeting I am so tired I just want to relax.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting stuck into the third and final trimester. I really want to start washing and preparing all his clothes and packing my hospital bag but I’m still very early for that!

What I miss: My belly bar! We had a great 10 years together but sadly my skin just couldn’t stretch anymore.

What baby is upto this week: Practicing his karate moves.. Now he can blink and see light shining through the uterus wall. His hearing is almost perfectly formed also and if there is a loud noise he jumps, at least he will be used to the noise of the dog barking.

Look at this sweet little face! I wonder every day what color his eyes will be and will he have dark hair like me?

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