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Babies First Swim

April 12, 2014
Okay, so what if I’m turning into one of these people that only speak about their baby. He is pretty darn sweet so I can’t resist talking about my little love. Maybe one day I’ll find something else to talk about..This week at 10 weeks old it was time for Spencer’s first swim. The first splash in the water must always be an apprehensive time for new parents; Will they hate it? Will I drop them? Are they going to scream blue bloody murder and embarrass us all? I prayed for the best and we headed to the Intercontinental Hotel Muscat with my friend Paula and her baby for a splash in the pool. Spencer was all kitted out with his new Finding Nemo swim wear complete with factor 50 UV protection, you are never too young to take care of your skin.

The initial splashes of cold water on Spencer’s toes made him wriggle but soon he started to enjoy the bobbing in the water and Mummy singing silly songs to him in the water. For a first attempt in the pool he did very well, he didn’t hate it and cry which is always a good start. Once he is old enough I will definitely have him enrolled in swim classes!

Looking a little like Mr Potato Head.. The sun hat came off for a photo to save the grimace, he just isn’t a hat kind of guy.

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