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Daddio comes to visit

May 26, 2014
With a small window of time in his ridiculously busy work schedule my Daddio was able to book a last minute flight and come visit us in Oman. It has been 10 months since we last saw each other and of course this was his first chance to meet his new Grandson, Spencer, so we were thrilled to see him!

Technically my Father is then Spencer’s Grandfather but he doesn’t seem like an old, crazy manny just yet to be a ‘Grandad’ so instead he shall be known as Spencer’s Poppa. That sounds a bit more fun doesn’t it?

Like any doting Poppa/Grandad he wanted to bring a gift for the new arrival but thanks to my love of shopping there wasn’t much left that the little guy required. There is only one thing that I wanted to get for Spencer but just couldn’t find here… A Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo… Spencer’s favourite thing to do is stand up and bounce, that boy has ridiculously strong legs. Half joking, half serious I told Dad that is what Spencer wanted. I was pretty curious to see if he would bring it on the plane and right enough he did! He certainly made Spencer a happy chap and he now uses his Jumperoo every single day. I feel quite back to say that I just heard they now stock them in the local Mall however, oops!

One happy, also mismatched, little boy in his Jumperoo!

Most outdoor activities are near to impossible at this time of year due to the heat – unless you enjoy feeling like you live inside an oven – but we still had a great time eating, drinking coffee, relaxing in the sunshine by the pool and if you read my last blog post you already know about the parasailing. That was a lot of fun!

Due to his hectic work schedule and the fact I live 4,000 miles away from him – on a good day, he is always travelling – it can be difficult to coordinate our schedules so the fact that he took the time to come and visit us in Muscat was very much appreciated. And Spencer loved seeing his Poppa Robertson!

We hope to see him again out here very soon!

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