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‘Mums on Monday’ at Merge 104.8

Spencer and I were invited to the Merge 104.8′ studios to be the guest speakers on the “Mums on Monday” segment. Well, the speaking part is mine as Spencer was only 12 weeks old so doesn’t do much chatting yet. You can listen to us tomorrow, Monday 12th May 2014, from 9am.
The MOM segment runs every Monday morning around 9am on the Chris Fisher morning show. We were also joined in the studio by the lovely Kate from Y Magazine for a chat about all things mummy & baby.
Chris and Spencer Selfie
Spencer having cuddles with the lovely Kate
Chris told me that Spencer is possibly the first baby to ever set a small foot in the Merge studios so I prayed that he would behave himself. No one wants to tune into a radio show to hear someone else’s baby screaming do they?!
The topic of conversation for the day was mainly the ups and downs of being a first time Mummy, how we are coping and any advice to other new mums. As we chatted Spencer sat on my knee and glugged away on his bottle like a little angel. Half way through his little face turned pink as he grimaced and pushed out a big fart. I prayed that it wouldn’t result in an on air nappy change. Thankfully it was just wind, phew! I am happy to report that there were no tears or tantrums from Spence…or Chris.. 🙂 
Studio Selfie at Merge 104.8
Let me know if you will be listening tomorrow morning and what you thought of it!


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