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Trick or Treat – Halloween Weekend

November 22, 2014

Halloween is the perfect occasion to throw caution to the wind and be a little more “out there” than usual.

It is the one time of year to wear what you want, paint that make up on thicker than ever before and wear your hair in crazy styles without people thinking you are a complete fruit loop.

Costume parties are always great fun to see what others come dressed as – some take it a little too seriously like extras from The Walking Dead where the huge majority of women will dress up as a “sexy” cat….again

Either way, I love to see people making an effort from their usual clothing and get into the spirit of the ocassion.

With two different Halloween parties to attend in one weekend I obviously couldn’t be seen in the same costume twice. Leaving it to the last minute I had to put the thinking cap on a pull a couple of outfits out of the proverbial bag pretty quickly.

For the first night of shenanigans my costume prep started a little later than I would have liked on the day at 3pm. My outfit of choice was to be a Dalmatian. I’m not sure why as I don’t particularly like Dalmatians at all but it was cheap, easy and it wasn’t a cat. Winner.

Stuck in traffic on the way to the party I found myself in full rap mode as I sung along to the radio. This sight totally confused the driver in the car next to me. I guess it’s not every day you see a dog rapping and driving a car.

dalmation 1

With the second party looming I tried to be more prepared by making a dress from scratch on the day of the party…at 8am…

In a frantic whirr of cutting and sewing all day my cute little Pocahontas inspired outfit eventually came together pretty well.

I hand stitched the brown suede dress with gold tassle detail on the hem and paired it brown lace up suede boots, popped some colored feathers in my hair and free styled some tribal make up.

Pocahontas eyes

Not quite my John Smith for the evening but my date all the same, Colin decided on a zombie with blood red contact lenses and a menacing look.

I think that he looks pretty bloody terrifying!

Colin zombie1

Colin insisted on doing his own make up and costume with no help from me.

Colin costume 2

My Pocahontas inspired outfit turned out pretty well considering it started out the day as a bag of fabric and feathers.

Pocahontas halloween


And off we went into the night, the mismatched couple, for an evening of wicked hilarity with friends in the spooky moonlight glow.

The party was decked out with all sorts of ghoulish Halloween decorations and eerily edible goodies.

01 witches fingers

01 mummy sausages

01 spider pies

After a weekend of making outfits and teething babies I was wiped out. Maybe for next year I will invest in a sewing machine and be more prepared than usual.

Did you dress up for Halloween?

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