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This is SPARTAAAAA… Spencer’s 1st Hallowe’en


If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I take great pleasure in dressing my child up in amusing outfits and snapping a few pics to haunt him with later in life.

What better time to dress him up in something fabulous than Hallowe’en?

The costume of choice was to be a Spartan warrior, y’know from the film ‘300’?

Ever since Spencer was a tiny baby he has always been bigger, stronger, more determined and now faster than most kids his age – Just like the Spartan infants who are trained to be elite from a young age. A cute pumpkin just wouldn’t suit his personality.

So, how do you dress your baby as a Spartan? Let me give you a few pointers;

Firstly you have to measure a cape – this not easy when they wriggle and are more interested in chomping on the measuring tape.
I hauled his bed/baby jail on front of the TV, whacked on some cartoons to distract him and measured his height whilst he wasn’t looking. Genius parenting from me.

Making Sparta2

Making Sparta4

I started out with some cuts of fabric, watched a few You Tube videos and I was off in a flurry snipping and stitching.

Making Sparta1

Ensure all animals are in a trance like state so that they cannot interfere…

Making Sparta5

The baby jail allows your little Cherub to still be able to see you but not touch anything sharp or dangerous.

Making Sparta jail

After all the stitching you will eventually you end up with a pretty awesome cape. Every Spartan needs his weapons so for the added effect I whipped up a sword and a shield to go with the outfit.

Don’t be fooled by the realistic looking 8-pack, it was actually drawn on with the use of an eyebrow pencil. Y’know a 6 pack isn’t enough these days so we added in an extra 2 for the ultimate Spartan look.

A quick once over with some fake tan it is then time to draw on a beard/stubble, that is just the icing on the cake. By now your baby should be looking somewhere between hilarious and menacing.

02 Sparta

03 Sparta

It is then time to take plenty of hilarious pictures.

This has set the bar high for next Hallowe’en, I should start my planning now…

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