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The First Christmas


Dear Spencer,

Your first Christmas has just passed and what a great time you had. You are too small to remember all the details but the fact that you were present and smiled the whole day meant the world to me.

Right now you are just under 11 months old, you weigh an impressive 12kg with a nice head of brown fluffy hair and can walk pretty confidently on your own without help from us. Quite the clever little chap.

01 Spencer xmas

Some of your favourite things to play with aren’t exactly suitable for a baby your age so it’s not easy to tell Santa what you would like.

We currently live in Muscat, Oman and are away from most of our loved ones. This can make Christmas and birthdays a little sad but luckily for us Uncle Graham travelled all the way from Scotland to visit us just for Christmas.

01 Tree Decorators

On Christmas eve you wore your special Santa PJ’s and we sang you special songs as we tucked you into bed ready for the excitement of the next day, A tradition that my Mum & Dad used to do with us.

At 6.30am on Christmas morning you awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to play. For breakfast you had milk, toast, raisins and apples before it was time to wake Daddy up to tell him that Santa had been.

Santa was very good to you bringing you lots of new toys including a bubble machine, books, your very own TV remote and clothes.
Daddy got you a couple of extra special presents like a new ice hockey jersey so you can match him and a big T-Rex toy to make RARRRR noises at.

01 Spencer present

There were so many presents to open from Nanny, Granda and Stacie who had sent them to us well in advance. You especially liked the building blocks in the box.

Uncle Graham helped you to open lots of presents and even to play with them too!

01 Graham present

Dressed in a reindeer jumper and chinos you looked so cute and trendy as we went for a special Christmas lunch at the Shangri La Hotel. You feasted on slices of turkey, roast potatoes and bread rolls. Since it was Christmas you had a special treat of chocolate ice cream for dessert. We laughed at the mess you made with the ice cream, Always the mucky pup.

01 Spencer Christmas ice cream

After lunch we headed to meet the big man himself, Mr Santa Claus. He made a special appearance for the day and arrived on the back of a camel. You were very well behaved to meet him as you took your gift and gave him big smiles.

01 Santa and Spencer

A great day was had by all and we made some special memories to treasure forever,

Family Christmas

Thank you for being such a HUGE part of our lives and always bringing happiness and smiles,

Mumma xx

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  • Reply Sidra 29/12/2014 at 4:53 PM

    MashAllah, you have a lovely family.

    • Reply Heather 30/12/2014 at 10:15 AM

      Thank you! Hope you had a lovely festive season 🙂

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