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Canadian Stampede 2015


Yeeee Hawwww Cowboy!

This weekend was the 22nd annual Canadian Stampede held in Muscat. The event was theeee talk of the town and probably one of the biggest & best Expat parties of the year. With tickets selling out in just a 5 hours I was lucky enough to nab a couple. Thank you, Becca!

Both myself and my husband are indeed Scottish. However, he likes to think of himself as an honary Canadian. Hailing from Banff, Scotland, he jokes that he should really be from the sister town of Banff, Canada. He certainly acts like a Canuk – playing ice hockey, drinks beer, he says the F word a lot annnnnd he drives a truck. That is pretty Canadian right there isn’t it?

01 Stampede Sherriff

Before we even got there came the disagreement – Would you call it a ‘checked’ or a ‘plaid’ shirt? We agreed to go along with it for one night only and call it ‘plaid’… One time only, Erin!

Anyways, all kitted out in our plaid/checked shirt and rocking the denim we were ready to party the Canadian way.

Held at the PDO Ras Al Hamra club, it was transformed into a real Canadian rodeo themed event to be seriously proud of. Complete with hay bales, Shooter bar, TeePee’s, enough beer to see us through a long night and a dance floor big enough for everyone to join in together do the two step.

The massive buffet of food was served, all Canadian of course. With hearty servings of fried beans, chilli and potato wedges followed down with Flapper Pie and tasty Nanaimo Bars. You Canadians make some pretty decent food!

Once our plates were clear & we had suitably filled our hungry tums it was time to head for the shooter bar. Yeee Haaaw!

01 Stampede Girls

01 Stampede drinks menu

The night was full of chatter, laughs and catching up with old faces that we haven’t laid eyes on in a while.
Every now and again I was dragged in the direction of the dance floor to force my uncoordinated limbs into a line dance. It wasn’t pretty but I sure did try.



01 Rss

01 Stampede Collage

Colin isn’t keen on being in many photos but here it is, A rare picture of me and my cowboy together.

01 Wagon Couple

When we were all danced out it was time to grab our horse and saddle up, well actually jump in a taxi, and head for home. Just to add, never drink and drive. It’s a fools game.

The Stampede was a great night out & so much fun to dress up and do something different without being cheesy and lame.

I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year!

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  • Reply OPNO 08/03/2015 at 9:46 AM

    I have never ever gone to this even when I was non-Muslim and lived in Ras Al Hamra, weird right?

    Canadians that I know don’t say the f word (unless they are from Alberta), and althought we all love hockey and can usually ski, skate, and ride horses, I don’t know, I don’t really relate to Calgary culture.

    Looks fun though, an excuse to wear lumberjack plaid:)

    • Reply Heather 08/03/2015 at 12:41 PM

      That’s funny, I think mostly all the Canadians I know are from the Alberta area so maybe that is true with the F word. I guess I’ve just generalised millions of people into swearing like sailors haha.

      That is a real shame that you never went to the Stampede, it was so much fun! Maybe next year you will go, even just to do a bit of line dancing and eat a Nanaimo bar 😛

  • Reply OPNO 12/03/2015 at 9:10 AM

    Mauybe living in Oman TOTALLY induces swearing. Driving here sure does. I say crap a lot. I hope, when I die, those aren’t my last words.

    Mmmm, nanaimo bars…. I really want to go to Naniamo. When I go back to Canada I am taking a short road trip up to Naniamo harbour, stopping in Chemainus and Whippletree junction on the way up, and then going to Cathedral grove past nanaimo to see the massive trees there. I am sure my sister will make me stop at Coombs to see the goats on the roof. Not that in Oman, I don’t see enough of goats:)

    It does look like fun though. Linedancing. Brings back memories of very drunken friends…

    • Reply Heather 12/03/2015 at 9:34 AM

      Your future trip sounds amazing! I really want to go to Canada but I don’t care where, just everrrrrywhere! I wanna see the snow, the mountains, the lakes, bears, wolves haha. Can you tell I watch all the Nat Geo and Disovery channels?

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