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Extreme Sailing Series – Muscat 2015

March 12, 2015

Dominating the water in 8 countries, 3 continents, the Extreme 40’s are on tour.

It’s fast, Its furious and yes it is called “extreme” sailing for a reason.

That is right the Extreme Sailing Series (ESS) is back in Muscat for the second leg of the 2015 competition. Fresh from the first round in Singapore they are ready to show the Sultanate how they do it “extreme” style.

I’ve said the word “extreme” 5 times now. Can you tell that I love this event?!

This is the third year that I have been invited along – Click to read about the first year and the second year – This is without a doubt one of my favourite perks of being a Blogger. Getting involved in events like the ESS make it all worthwhile, It’s not every day you can hang out with Olympic legends such as Red Bull’s Captain, Mr Roman Hagara. A legend and a nice guy.

Today I headed down to the ESS camp at Al Mouj with the possibility of hopping on board the Red Bull boat (as a guest sailor in the competition) as I have done the past two years previously. Unfortunately the Muscat weather had other plans!

01 ESS waves

01 ESS 1

This is rare for Muscat. Usually it is blistering sunshine and sweltering temperatures but today was a complete curveball.

The wind was howling in from the sea and the storm clouds lingering just out of reach but still threatening to unleash their fury. Sadly the waves were too rough for anyone other than the professionals to be out on the water.

Despite the weather the competition (Day one – Thursday) still went ahead and I was able to watch from the luxury of media grandstand. Not a bad place to be when we see the waves lapping up and over the boats and hulls breaching from the water.

Of course the weather isn’t great for us media folk with fancy cameras and mascara that we like to keep intact…but…this is amazing weather for sailing. The fierce wind catching the sails and propelling the boats forward as they pass just inches from each other. But this isn’t just about wind and sails, this requires skill and tactics. I could literally go on all day.

Photo Credit: ESS Media

Photo Credit: ESS Media

Even from the grand stand I could feel the tension in the air as the teams competed for the top spot!

01 ESS 2

01 ESS 3

01 ESS 4

01 ESS 6

Some fun technical specs on the ‘Extreme 40’ sailing boats for the boat those interested;

– Length: 40ft
– Width: 23ft
– Mast Length: 62ft
– Mast weight: 100kg
– Total weight: 1,400kg – only 250kg more than a Mini Cooper S

01 ESS 5

Where & When;

– Singapore 5th-8th Feb
– Muscat, Oman 11th-14th March
– Qingdao, China 30th-3rd May
– Cardiff, UK 18-21st May
– Hamburg, Germany 23-26 July
– St Petersburg, Russia 20th-23rd August
– Istanbul, Turkey 1st-4th October
– Australia 10-13th December

01 ESS 7

01 ESS 08

The Muscat leg of the competition is running from 12th-14th March 2015, spectators are welcome to enjoy the event for free along with various activities for the whole family. Find more info on the website.

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