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Spring Break 2015

March 29, 2015

Between work, commitments and hobbies we are a busy family so scheduling even just a few nights away is a big deal. Luckily last week we managed to have a 3 night break together, get out of town and make some new memories. Just what we needed.

We packed up the car, with wayyyyy too much stuff as usual, and drove across the border from Oman and into the United Arab Emirates towards Dubai. This is a trip we have made several times before but it doesn’t get any easier with a wriggly baby who hates his car seat. I had packed so many snacks for him to entertain Spencer and pass the time. Maybe that’s a whole new blog post to write about.

01 Road Trip photo

Avoiding the main city of Dubai we stayed a little further out and headed for the Jebel Ali Beach Resort. This was a resort that had something for all of us- An animal farm and kids club for Spencer, fantastic Golf facilities for Colin and for myself just some peace & quiet. Winner.

When we arrived the weather was lovely with a fresh ocean breeze and nice cloud cover, perfect for us to stroll around the resort and explore after a tedious 5 hour drive.

01 JA walking

01 JA boats

There is always something interesting going on at the resort from camel rides and swimming with horses to tours on a sea plane, there was always something to see. Also very helpful when you have a baby to entertain.

01 JA horse riding

01 JA sea plane

By far mine and Spencer’s favourite part was spotting all the wildlife. Peacocks roamed the estate as they pleased, parrots lined the palm trees in the evenings chirping away loudly, we laughed at all the animals in the small animal farm especially the baby goats bleating away. We were even lucky enough to spot deer that had jumped over the wall from the Sheiks palace and we leisurely walking around on the fairway.

01 peacock

01 Deer on golf course

I even joined Colin at the driving range in the afternoon to hit a few balls. I’m not sure that golf is the sport for me, He tells me that it isn’t proper “etiquette” to do a victory dance when you actually hit a ball.. Oh well..

01 Colin golf

01 H golfing

The main reason why I chose a hotel out of town rather than a city apartment – little boys need room to run and enjoy themselves! And boy did he run!
He ran round the park, he chased peacocks, he visited the horses stables and laughed when they sniffed him, he ran all the way back and played frisbee with his Dad, He ran down the hotel corridors, he ran to the pool, he chased a few more peacocks and waved to a pony as it trotted past. A perfect way to burn his energy!

01 Spence running

01 JA Frisbee

01 JA Frisbee 2

01 JA Me and Spence

And before we knew it time was up and it was time to head back to our busy lives in Oman. Well, first we had to make a quick stop & do what just about all Oman residents do when visiting the UAE – A trip to IKEA!! Yayyy!

01 Leaving Dubai

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  • Reply Terence Pereira March 29, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    This looks like a fab place, barely looks like Dubai even!

    • Reply Heather March 29, 2015 at 8:15 PM

      That is exactly what I though Terence. It was far enough out of the city to be calm and relaxed but still 35-40 mins to the major malls and IKEA if you wanted to head there also.

      I would highly recommend the resort in the “Palm Tree” part of the hotel, a bit more grown up and classy 😉

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