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Pregnancy Silhouette With Just An iPhone


This one is for all you beautiful Bumpy Mamma’s out there,

We don’t all have the money for professional maternity photoshoots or own fancy cameras with the editing software, but still we want a lasting momento of that cute baby bump.

Well I’m here to help.. All you are going to need is your trusty iPhone, a couple of App’s and a little bit of know how to make a great picture.

So for me, this was Bump at 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant, just hours before I gave birth and this was the very last photo I have of myself before my world changed forever. I’m so glad that I took the time to take a very last bump picture, even just to remember how big I actually was.



  • If, like me, you have no one to take the photo for you then you will need an app with a timer so you can set it and run into position. Try apps like “Self Timer Camera” or “TimerCam” or “Camera+”, all are available on the app store.
  • Then you need an app for editing to adjust the exposure. There is an amazing one on the app store call “Afterlight”, its cheap an effective. There are plenty of other editing apps out there like “Picfx” and “InstaEditor”



  • Keep your silhouette as smooth as possible so wear a black fitted tank top/vest and some leggings or yoga pants too.
  • Tie your hair into a messy bun or pony tail for added effect.



You will need a window with natural light coming in. Preferably with a thin curtain of blind in the background to take the harsh effect from the light and give it a nice soft glow. Find a nice spot in the house with plenty of light, maybe by a patio door or a bedroom window.

I used the window in my main bathroom as I could prop the phone on the shower cubicle handle and then waddle myself in position for the countdown timer.



Get yourself prepared with the right clothes and location with natural light. Open the timer app and set it for around 10 to 15 seconds.

It’s tempting to turn the iPhone camera to the front facing one so you can see if you are in the shot properly (a la selfie style) but this gives you a real crappy exposure on the picture and won’t come out well in the end. Trust me, use the back camera and it will be so much better.

Prop it somewhere stable that will get both you and bump in the frame. Press the timer to start and get in position with hands lovingly on the bump and standing up straight. Annnnnd SNAP.


01 Test preggo

Ok, so you don’t love your first picture? That’s totally ok, set the timer and try again and but this time get yourself in a different position. Do a few trials to see what works for you.

On my test shot there were many things that I didn’t like so I went back and changed my pose, moved so you could see the curve of my back and changed my facial expression. It took a few attempts but finally I got one that I liked.


Once you have your photo that you are happy with then open your picture editor app of choice;

– I cropped my photo firstly to get rid of the junk in the back of the shot and made sure the focus was on the bump,
– Make sure that the photo was straight. Some apps have a tendency to nudge them off centre a little,
– Then change the filter to a black and white option, I preferred that to the below quick edit shot of the hazy yellow tone, After that I then added another filter ontop to give it a slight blue-ish tone,
– Play about with filters and layers to see what suits you and your mood,
– Then once you are happy save it on the highest resolution.

01 Preggo edit

Have fun with your photo and edits, experiment with different poses and hair styles to make a dramatic silhouette.

Then once you are finished you can upload them to the world, make people jealous of your fabulous bump AND that you didn’t pay for an expensive shoot. Plus you didn’t even need to get your husband up off the sofa. Good job ladies!

And here is my final picture of the 38 week bump 🙂

38 weeks sillouhette

I would love to see all your bumpy pics, tag me on Facebook or Instagram to show me how yours looks.

Heather x

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