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May 2015 favourites


Tomorrow is the 1st of June, how is this year flying by so quickly? But you know that a new month means a new favourites post, yeeehaaa!

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself to have my monthly favourites post up on time for a change, high five to me!

So here we go, Below are my top 5 things that I have been loving in May 2015. There is a Movie, a TV programme, Gym class, an App and a Book – Can you tell that the heat is keeping me indoors? 😛

1- ‘Prison Break’ TV Show
Prison Break faves

Ok, Ok, I know that I really am literally years behind the times but I finally started to watch Prison Break and LOVED it!! If you read my April faves post I told you that I really love programmes along the crime/thriller genre so I got some new suggestions for shows to watch and Prison Break came up a couple of times.
The show started 11 years old now but it’s still a goodie! I don’t need to explain what happens in it, I’m sure you get it from the title, haha.

Colin had been working away from home most of the month which worked out well so I had the sofa and the TV all to myself allowing me to binge watch an unhealthy number of episodes.

2- ‘San Andreas’ Movie

San Andreas Movie

This month I went to the cinema twice. That really doesn’t sound crazy to most but when you have a hyper toddler who always wants ‘Mama’ going to the cinema is like a huge guilty pleasure. And yes I went TWICE!

The first movie I watched was ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ which was great but soon overshaddowed by the epic San Andreas earthquake movie. It maybe isn’t to everyones taste and there were a few cheesy lines but it kept me gripped the whole way through with plenty of tense moments. Also a very good excuse for date night with the other half.

If you are a fan of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnston, and c’mon who isn’t?!, you might be interested to read this article on his diet and how he maintains that body, The Rock diet.

3- ‘Guilty Wives’ Book
01 May faves book

This month I’m back into reading again, my favourite book of the month is called ‘Guilty Wives’ by the author James Patterson. Most of the books I’ve started recently haven’t gripped me so I was delighted to get engrossed in a good book again and chill out.
I had never paid any attention to James Paterson books in the shop before but it seems like most of my friends are huge fans of his? I’ll definitely be on look out for more of his work.

4- TRX classes

01 TRX trainers

Apologies that I don’t have any photos of TRX class but I’m usually sweating blob lying on the floor afterwards, but I guess that is a good thing it shows I’m working, so here is a picture of my leggies instead to represent fitness and awesome sneakers.

With my summer holidays fast approaching I have been trying to amp up my fitness regime a bit more so I joined a new class called TRX. A few friends had previously recommended it but I had been happy with my usual gym until recently so I took them up on their recomedation and tried the TRX for myself. Oh holy cow, it is insanely hard! You are using your own body weight and gravity to give your body an awesome, hard core all over work out. I thought my overall fitness was pretty good until I tried this.. I have a looooong way to go.

You can find the classes at Rev GX fitness.

5- ‘My Fitness Pal’ App

image1 (1)

I’m not much of a gadget or technology freak so I have never recommended an app in my favourites post. So here is a new one for you! I’m pretty sure that it has been on the go for years but I’ve only had the app ‘My Fitness Pal’ for a few days now but already I love it.

So I enter the usual height, weight activity level etc. and then I log all my food intake and exercise completed and it calculates how many calories I should have in a day. Then it also breaks it down into macronutrients so I know exactly the amount of fats, carbs and proteins I should be eating and when I go way over on the carbs.

For example, I don’t have a clue how much fat or carbs is in a 6″ Subway but this app can tell me exactly what is in my lunch even using brands like McDonalds and Starbucks. This is a big wake up call for a food addict like me.


In June I will be travelling to the UK so I’m super excited to see what my favourites for next month will be. Possibly all food related as I will be indulging in all those missed home comforts.

If you have any favourite TV shows, beauty products, activities, foods or random things I would love to hear your suggestions! 🙂

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