Adventure Time

The Secluded Beach, Qantab

August 23, 2015

When our original adventure plan fell through due to unfavourable tides, it is always very important to get your tides right, we then had to come up with another exciting idea and pronto.

The temperature in the city was still over 40 degrees so that ruled out a lot of other fun activities and the thought of another day in a shopping mall was painful – it’s be a long slog of a summer and we are very eager to get back outdoors.

Lucy, my most adventurous friend by a long shot, came up with an awesome plan – lets take a boat ride and find a beach for the afternoon where we could cool off in the water.

So that is exactly what we did, no messing around, we packed up our swimming gear and some essentials and drove to Qantab. We then found ourselves a nice fisherman with a boat and asked him to take us to a beach then come back and to get us in a couple of hours (20 minutes before sunset, I had already looked it up)

001 Qantab rock

Most people would pay a small fortune to have a private beach all to themselves but this is one of the amazing about Oman, these things aren’t that hard to do if you just get off your backside and make an effort.

001 Qantab coast

Enough of the pretty scenery pictures, it’s time to have some fun! We found a perfect rocky outcrop to jump from. The water below was crystal clear and full of colourful fish swimming by.



As the evening sun began to fade we noticed that we were not alone on the beach. Hundreds of little eyes are peer at us from their sand holes, crabs of all sizes scuttle up and down the shore but always watching us.

001 Qantab Crab

I had one small concern – would our boat remember to come back for us? I didn’t fancy spending the night on the beach surrounded in crabs. Thankfully our guy was only 10 minutes past the agreed pick up time (quite impressive for Oman really) but I was glad to see him and head back before it got too dark.


We arrived back onto the main beach just as the last of the sun set behind the mountains, perfect timing.

This was another great Oman adventure that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Hopefully the worst of the summer heat has gone now and we can continue to do these outdoor adventures.

Heather x

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