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Al Ain Adventure


It’s been a while since I wrote a light hearted blog post. For this post I’m not a Mum, I’m not dashing about doing errands or trying to keep up appearances – I’m on a road trip with my buddy and having a blast! This doesn’t happen often enough so it’s worthy of a post on it’s own.

After months of training for the Wadi Adventure Race (W.A.R) it was time to hit the road and travel from Muscat to Al Ain, UAE, to get our race on.

My co-driver is my friend and partner in crime, Sarah. We have been training together for many weeks so we know each other pretty well… no subjects are off limits, she makes me cringe/laugh with her sense of humour and is happy to provide snacks – the perfect travel companion.

Two white females crossing the small border in a big ass truck attracts some hilarious attention. From smiles and waves to open mouth stares and charming police men – we had a great laugh.

001 Al Ain adventures 2

As we reached Al Ain itself the Sat Nav was directing us towards the mountain of Jebel Hafeet. I knew from the website that I had booked a hotel near the mountain but I didn’t know that it was actually on the bloody top of the mountain! Typical from me, the only mountain in the UAE and I book us a hotel right smack on the top!

The views as we drove up the mountain were quite spectacular.

001 Jebel View

001 Jebel monument

I was not aware that Al Ain is considerably colder than Muscat, that combined with the fact that our hotel was on top of a huge mountain made us a little cold. That is me putting it politely. I was fucking freezing!

The hotel itself wasn’t that exciting but one thing that REALLY excited us was the food…. Both of us have been on a low carb, high protein diet for months so when we get the green light to start “carb loading” before the race it was time to fill our hungry bellies. Rice, oats bread, pasta – you name it, we ate it.

As the sun sets for the evening, and bellies full of carbs, we discuss the tactics for tomorrows race – keep moving, try not to break anything and don’t fuck it up. A good nights sleep is definitely required – If only it wasn’t so bloody cold! Thank goodness for hotel dressing gowns to keep you warm whilst you sleep!

001 Jebel sunset

Good Morning from the Jebel! We are high up above the mountains and enjoying the view as we do our final race preparations (eat more food and dose up on energy supplements) before travelling back down the mountain to the race location.

001 Morning on Jebel Hafeet

001 Race Morning

Stay tuned for the next blog post coming soon from the Wadi Adventure Race.

Heather x

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