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Two Years Old


Today my baby boy turns two years old.

I type that nonchalantly but inside I am freaking out. How am I the mother to a two year old?! Where does the time go?! I’m still winging this parenting malarkey so I’m amazed that it is going so well.

001 Cupcake face

This is the face of a boy who isn’t usually allowed anything too sugary – not because I’m a micro managing health freak mother, but mostly because he doesn’t handle it well and gets hyper quickly. For some reason I thought now that he is 2 that it would be different…. Silly Mommy!

001 Cupcake face boy 2

001 Cupcake face boy

Spencer shares his cake with Sassy Cat.


The terrible twos are in full swing (for anyone who doesn’t have kids – YES, this is a very real and scary stage) but for a child so young he is a comedy genius, always ready to entertain and make us laugh. This helps to distract from the fact he has just drawn on the wall again or is riding the dog like a horse. There is never a dull day with Spencer Duncan!

As he grows and develops he teaches me so much about patience, kindness and unconditional love that I would never have learnt without him in my life.

Please don’t grow up too fast baby boy.

Heather x

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