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Wadi Qurai


For this weeks adventure I travelled out of Muscat City and into the charming Wadi at the village of Qurai. Around 1 hours drive from Muscat it is a peaceful and easily accessible location to visit that still retains it’s natural charm.

Often I struggle to think of new and fun places to visit that aren’t over run with tourists and massive families chowing down on picnics (think Wadi Shab, Wadi Dhyka Dam and Bimmah Sinkhole..) thankfully I found this little gem on Y Magazine website, click here, and put it to the top of my “Must Visit” list.

001 Wadi Qurai

001 Wadi falaj

As you enter into the rock valley the only way appears to be crossing over the falaj irrigation system. It is very sturdy but also very high with nothing to hold on to for balance. There are steep drops on every side if you try to find a different way in.

Doing my research, it was mentioned on a couple of blogs that there used to be a ladder instead of the falaj crossing but we didn’t see any on this day. This is not a journey for those afraid of heights or young kids.

001 Wadi falaj cross

001 Full scale wadi

001 Wadi rock holding

There are pools of water as you travel deeper into the Wadi. Although they are not quite big enough to swim in they are a pleasant place to stop and relax with the rushing sound of the small waterfalls close by.

001Wadi water pool

001 Water Pool

The valleys is alive with all sorts of wildlife from toads and dragonflies to a herd of noisy goats.

001 Wadi wildlife

001Wadi valley

001 Heather on a rock

Located close to the city and not too strenuous Wadi Qurai is definitely worth a visit and may be a nice alternative to the usual tourist spots.

How to get there;
Take the main highway road towards Nizwa until you enter the Samail area. You will see “Wadi Qurai” signposted from the road and take the right turn from the main road. At the roundabout take the right signposted again. Follow the road for a couple of minutes through the small village until you reach a dead end/car park where there is a green sign mentioning the Falaj system. Easy!

Happy exploring!

Heather x


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