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The Road To Spartan

September 24, 2016

Four weeks from now Oman will host it’s first ever Spartan obstacle race. This is a big deal for the fitness community in Oman and I am so excited that every part of my fitness training, nutrition and sleep is geared towards this event – When my husband told me to get a hobby I’m sure that he didn’t expect me to be exhausted and asleep every night by 9.30pm.

Fitness posts can be tricky, they either inspire you to want to get your lycra on and move your butt OR they can be a massive turn off sending you deeper under the duvet. This post is about positive energy, motivation and beliving in yourself. Who doesn’t want a little bit of that in their lives?!

What is a ‘Spartan’ race?
It is a series of tough obstacles and physical challenges set out over varying distance and difficulty levels. Originating in America it is now held in many more countries around the world. Gruelling challenges include running through different terrains, climbing 8ft walls, swinging high across monkey bars whilst getting very muddy and sweaty at the same time.


I am by no means an athlete. Like, seriously, I sweat, struggle and complain like every other human.

I’ll rewind a little… My journey began 14 months ago when my husband signed me up for a personal trainer. Yep, he really did that. At the time I was angry and embarrassed that he felt that I needed that but in hindsight I can see that it was the kick in the ass that I needed. I was heavy, unfit, slow and really lacked body confidence.

Fast forward to the present day and whilst I am no Olympian my body is fitter, stronger and healthier than it has ever been. Along the way something clicked in my head giving me a different outlook on life. I no longer strive to be “skinny”, I strive to be strong and healthy.

Why do you want to do a Spartan? Two years ago a friend was set to compete in an obstacle race and asked me to join. Even though it sounded like amazing fun I was frustrated at myself for not being able to keep up with that level of fitness. So when I heard that Spartan is coming to the city where I live there really is no excuse, it’s like a sign from above that I need to get my act together and conquer this!

To compete in a challenge on a Spartan level it requires a higher physical fitness level than I have previously been training so it was time to step it up a gear…or ten…


How frequently and how hard you train for an event like this is totally up to you.
Whilst I am realistic that I won’t finish in the top rankings of my age group, for me it’s not about that. I plan to do the best I can for my own body and push myself to the finish without feeling like I have let myself down because I didn’t prepare or try.

With only a few weeks remaining my training is a mixture of weight training in the gym, running outdoors on different terrains and attending Spartan obstacle training classes.
My biggest struggle so far, both mentally and physically, is getting outdoors and building up the endurance to run and keep going. Running feels like it just doesn’t come naturally to me and I really having to dig deep for the motivation to keep the pace without stopping.

To sign up for the race visit the official Spartan website. Or if you just fancy joining a free Spartan workout training session it will be held every Friday morning at 9am on the run up to the event, check our the Spartan Arabia Facebook page here for more details.


The moral of the story is that your body can do so much more than your mind lets you believe! Whether it’s a Spartan race, signing up for a new gym class or even just getting out and going for a run – Get your trainers on, try your best and have fun!

Go get ’em tiger, I believe in you!

Heather x

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