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Al Amerat hill hike

December 17, 2016

The formidable wall of rock standing tall against the city, it has a road snaking it’s way higher and higher. With hairpin bends and elevation that makes your ears ‘pop’, The Al Amerat hill is a well known landmark in Muscat. The relatively new road winds its way high up the rough hillside and provides access from the City to the town of Al Amerat nestled on the other side.

If you have never experienced the the Amerat Hill, let me tell you it’s a daunting task to even drive in a car. With the steep heights and sharp winding corners you gain elevation quickly, and when you head back down hill again you gain momentum quickly leaving you praying that your brakes are in full working order.

This is maybe one of my crazier ideas to date – this adventure had no route, no path and no safety measures – the mission was to leave the car, go off the map and climb to the highest point possible.

Loose rock underfoot and sheer drops made this a treacherous climb, definitely not for the faint hearted, but the views of Muscat city from high above were definitely worth the sweaty climb.

The full video of the hike is available in the link below;

Thanks for watching!

Heather x

*This definitely isn’t an excursion suitable for everyone due to loose rock, high winds, sheer drops, no path etc. Please be extremely cautious when trying to recreate anything from this page*

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