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Welcome to ‘The Duncan Adventures’

Well hello there! My name is Heather Duncan. I’m a Wife, Mumma, Blogger, Scottish Expat, Social Media Fiend, Freelance Writer, Starbucks Addict and lover of the crazy adventures in life.

If that sounds like your kinda thing then please make yourself comfy and stick around for a while.

01 Head shot

Back in 2012 my husbands work offered him a job in Oman. We ummm’ed and ahhh’ed about living outside of the UK but It was a chance we couldn’t pass up. So that was it, we packed up our lives in Scotland and relocated all the way to sunny Muscat, Oman. It has been our “home” away from home ever since.

Our lives never seem to slow down and there is always something going on – whether it is good or bad, there is always a story – so I started writing my life stories online and then the blog was born. TaaaDaaaaa. The intention was to keep loved ones back in the UK up to date with our news and adventures. Soon the page grew into something bigger with people from around the world wanting to read about our life in Oman. I am delighted to have you all along for the journey.

My husband, Colin, doesn’t feature much on the site but that is his choice, not mine. He is a little camera shy but still I persevere to stick a camera in his face when I can.

Since arriving in Oman we have welcomed into our family an amazing and hilariously funny baby boy called Spencer. Every day is something new with a toddler and he keeps me extremely busy.

A new baby, a massive dog, two crazy kittens, a few turtles and always a visitor at the door and that is just a taste of the mad house we live in.

01 Duncan Family

Although the blog name is ‘The Duncan Adventures’, it is about the adventures we find in life not just in Oman. Afterall, you never know where in the world your next adventure will be.
My blog content varies from the great outdoors of Oman and fabulous adventures to day to day stuff like parenting, family and always the weird things life throws at us. A little something for everyone.

Thank you to my readers for your support from around the world, it gives me the drive to keep blogging and seeking out the best adventures in life.

You can also find me on Facebook for all the bits that don’t make the blog and on Instagram for the pictures of the funnier side of life.

Heather x

PS- All pictures on the site are mine unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use a picture please email me for permission first.