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The 100,000 Blogging Milestone

June 1, 2014
My humble little blog seems to have gained some momentum recently and the page views are going up and up. As I type this the counter is around 400 views short of 100,000 of page views – YAY!

Okay so i’m never going to be in the Omani big leagues like Muscat Mutterings and Andy in Oman and 100,000 sounds pretty lame compared to them but that was never my intention. They are fantastic at what they do but my content is quite different and for a part time hobby I think it’s going pretty swimmingly.

Every week I hear from new readers via email which is quite exciting that they are using the crap stuff I write online for their own lives, adventures and relocations to the land of the sand.

Please get in touch if you have any blog ideas or anything that you want to see featured but for now a massive thank you to all my readers, subscribers and online stalkers. Here is to another 100,00 views!

Hip, Hip Horrraaaaaaay!

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‘Mums on Monday’ at Merge 104.8

May 11, 2014
Spencer and I were invited to the Merge 104.8′ studios to be the guest speakers on the “Mums on Monday” segment. Well, the speaking part is mine as Spencer was only 12 weeks old so doesn’t do much chatting yet. You can listen to us tomorrow, Monday 12th May 2014, from 9am.
The MOM segment runs every Monday morning around 9am on the Chris Fisher morning show. We were also joined in the studio by the lovely Kate from Y Magazine for a chat about all things mummy & baby.
Chris and Spencer Selfie
Spencer having cuddles with the lovely Kate
Chris told me that Spencer is possibly the first baby to ever set a small foot in the Merge studios so I prayed that he would behave himself. No one wants to tune into a radio show to hear someone else’s baby screaming do they?!
The topic of conversation for the day was mainly the ups and downs of being a first time Mummy, how we are coping and any advice to other new mums. As we chatted Spencer sat on my knee and glugged away on his bottle like a little angel. Half way through his little face turned pink as he grimaced and pushed out a big fart. I prayed that it wouldn’t result in an on air nappy change. Thankfully it was just wind, phew! I am happy to report that there were no tears or tantrums from Spence…or Chris.. 🙂 
Studio Selfie at Merge 104.8
Let me know if you will be listening tomorrow morning and what you thought of it!


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Featured in ‘Scotland Now’

April 30, 2014
Recently I was asked by Scotland Now, the sister site to the famous Daily Record paper, to feature on their new website. Their new segment features Scottish Expats in far flung places all around the world and I was flattered to be the first featured Expat.

Of course I am a fairly regular blogger but it is something quite different to write about yourself knowing that it will be promoted on such a popular platform. Hopefully it makes an enjoyable read and it helps people to get to know me better.

Please click here to read my article and let me know what you think!


Oman’s Bloggerati, Y Magazine article

March 7, 2014

This week I was honored to be included in Y magazine’s Bloggerati feature. To be included as one of “The Sultanate’s most influential bloggers” is very flattering, especially as I haven’t blogged much recently and from what I have it has been mostly about babies and pregnancy. This makes me want to try harder and out more of an effort into my blog. Well, that is my aim we will see if that happens with a newborn baby around.

Check out the link to this week’s magazine article by clicking here.

Thank you to all my readers and everyone who takes an interest in my online ramblings.

Expats Blog Gold Award 2013

January 11, 2014
A few weeks back I entered a writing competition on about my experiences being an Expat in Oman.

You can check out my profile on their website here.. and read my entry called “The Homebirds survival guide to Oman” by clicking here.

So I won the gold award for bloggers in Oman which sounds amazing but in all honesty I think I was the only person from Oman to enter so it’s not that impressive but I like the sound of a gold award so lets go with that 😉

Sadly I didn’t win any overall awards or a cash prize but maybe I’ll try again next year.


Oman’s top bloggers dinner at Trader Vics

June 5, 2013
Last night I had the privilege of attending an evening thrown for Oman’s top bloggers at the Intercontinental Hotel here in Muscat.
Being a blogger in Oman it is a relatively small world, we all check out each other’s sites out of interest and competitiveness. Maybe that last one is just me? Actually meeting these people in real life is a whole different thing.
We all met at the Trader Vics bar in the Intercon Hotel and the amazing cocktails certainly helped to break the ice while we mingled and put faces to the online names.
Look how amazing this cocktail is!!
We moved into a private dining room to discuss everything blogger, gossip and got to know each other a bit better. Plus I can confirm that everyone was completely lovely and fun to be around!!
My starter of a lobster salad. You can’t beat a bit of lobster!
Main course of king prawns in chilli sauce and vegetables. I cannot describe how amazing this dish was, I just didn’t want it to end.
So the “chocolate paradise” wasn’t quite the chocolate fudge cake that I wanted it to be but it was still really nice.

A great touch with the evening coffee’s is always a fortune cookie, I’m a sucker for a good bit of fortune. Mine said “you have an unusually magnetic personality” – is that a good thing or a bad thing?!
So a lovely evening of chatting and laughing was had by all and very nice to meet these people in person who I read about on a daily basis. Thank you to the Trader Vics team at the Intercon Hotel for a wonderful evening and delicious food! 
See you again soon!

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Most popular Blog’s in Oman 2013…

March 11, 2013
After just 6 short months in the blogging world I am proud to announce that my blog is the 12th most popular in Oman – Yipeeee!

I read most of the blogs who are on the same list as me so I feel privileged to be up there next to them and that people actually read the crap that I write!

You can check the list out here at the Oman Collective Intelligence page to see the full list of where everyone ranked for 2013.

Who knows where I will be next year?!