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The wanderer returns to Muscat

May 19, 2013
Well Bloglets, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks galavanting and now thankfully I am back in Muscat and trying to get back into my usual routine. Don’t ask me what my usual routine is, it mostly consists of being lazy but maybe I’ll blog about the day in the life of a house wife another day.

My latest adventure took me back home to the shores of “home” in Bonnie Scotland. It was a somewhat spontaneous journey as I didn’t even have any flights booked until a couple of days before I left, this is not in my nature at all – I just love to plan things! My reason for a trip home was to sort some things out with our house back in the UK which kept me busy for most of my trip there.

The weather treated me well and most days were dry with some sunshine. It was nice to get away from the intense heat of the Middle East for a couple of weeks.

Things in the house took up almost every day of my trip home but I managed to fit in some visiting where possible, sacrificing sleeping and resting but at least I managed to get some fun in along the way. I’m lucky to have helpful inlaws who had already completed some chores for me which made life that bit easier.

A visit to see my family ended in me and Graham taking his mini motorbike out for a spin. He has had this thing since he was about 14 and we were surprised that it even still worked!

The view of Bennachie from my parents home was a welcome sight for sore, traveled eyes. It was so nice to see green grass & fields again instead of sand and rock!

I got to see my Dad again as the last time we saw each other was August before I left as he was travelling out to Houston for work. He was one of many people I didn’t manage to catch a picture which I regret, Linda your another one I forgot. We were too busy gossiping as usual I totally forgot!

My second other main reason for making the trip home was to see my beautiful new nephew, Max. On my last trip home in February I was lucky enough to attend Samantha’s baby shower, she is my oldest friend so I couldn’t miss it. I hadn’t planned to be home again until August meaning that he would be 4 months old before I met him so I was over the moon to get to see him at 4 weeks old. Being so far away from your friend when she has her first baby is a tough thing and I wished I could have been with her.

Beautiful baby Max <3

Me and Kay managed to find a dinosaur in Aberdeen! And even have a fish & chip supper mmmmm, thanks Kay! 🙂

Abby and I managed to find the bottom of a bottle of Grey Goose! It was so nice to see her as I hadn’t seen her since the week before I left home in August. It was just like old times and hopefully I will see her here in the not too distant future.

It was lovely to see my sister and her two twin boys, Ben and Adam. I took the boys for ice cream and some fun at the play park where me & Graham ended up hogging the slide.. Big kids!

Towards the end of the trip the weather changed with rain clouds and dark skies, this is the Scotland I remember! 

All in all it was a reasonably successful trip, I managed to get most of the things done that I set out to do and managed to fit in some visiting along the way.

Sadly time ran out too fast and I didn’t manage to see everyone or spend enough quality time with the people that I wanted to due to conflicting schedules and people having to work when I was free.  Hopefully they will understand that it’s not personal and I was sent home with a purpose, any free time I had was just a bonus. 

Now time to catch up on some sleep and acclimatize to the heat again..

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Back to the homeland

February 16, 2013
My husband is from a small historic town called Banff in the North East of Scotland, he was raised here and all his family live in the town also. Because this is the place we started our life together I would class this as my adopted home town too.
This area of the world is well known for the bitter winter and snow but it is also a beautiful place to be, I took a few snaps of the area whilst I was there to show you how different it is there to the Middle East where I now live. Most of my readers are International and won’t know where Banff is or what it looks like but they do say a picture tells a thousand words. (Is that the right phrase? I’m disputing it with Bob just now but you get what I mean…)

Banff is well known for the history in the area and the first castle was built in 1163 AD to protect from Viking invaders. It has it’s own harbor and well known for fishing amungst several other things.

The history is still there if you look closely, sometimes very closely. Like this for example- A hotel dating back to 1801 is now a take away pizza shop.. Or the stables for the horses belonging to the castle is now a pub on Low Street.

This is hubby at the door to ‘Home Bakery’, even the doors are tiny here!

Me hanging out with the Turra Coo

This photo is from my neck of the woods near Inverurie but you will get the jist of the cloudy weather and there is still even some snow left on the ground.

Sometimes it’s the little things you miss from home that make you smile, I’ve never thought before about why this post box is in the wall but it’s really sweet and humble looking.

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Making the most of the Scottish Food

February 16, 2013

I did a blog post a little while ago about “The search for fish & chips in Muscat” and then again about “My native Scottish food” but here I am away to speak about food yet again..

During my time in the UK I really did make the most of the delicious, and highly calorific, foods available and gorged myself with all the delights that I have missed out on while being away. It was scrumptious but was it worth it? Umm no…I feel disgusting and greasy after it all and craving some salad.

My first night at home I had Fish & Chips from The Crown chip shop in Banff. Oh my it tasted so good but my stomach wasn’t used to fried food anymore, cue stomach ache!

Surely everyone in the world knows what Macaroni Cheese is? So simple yet so delicious, just Macaroni Pasta and lots of cheese sauce.

I also managed to fit in a Nutella Crepe with a Latte from the Kilted Frog in Inverurie to warm me up on a cold afternoon, what is it about cold afternoons that makes you eat more?!

A lazy snowy afternoon in Banff with a cup of tea, newspaper and my favorite cake from the Baker shop. It’s called an “Aeroplane” or some people call it an “Envelope”, it’s basically just pastry folded up with jam and pink icing.

I also managed to fit in an Indian feast with poppadoms and curry so thanks Linda for the food and the laughs. Eating seems to be such a social thing to do and always better with good company.

So many delicious meals but now the diet and exercise must begin again….maybe tomorrow…