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Muscat Marathon 2017

February 6, 2017

You may have been lured in here by an attractive title and the possibility that I may have ran an actual marathon. Sorry to disappoint, hee hee. My little white legs only ran a quarter of that and participated in the 10km event but still an achievement none the less.

Running isn’t something that comes naturally to me so when I signed up 5 months prior to the event it felt like a big challenge and a motivation to push myself to keep training. Inspired by Hitesh, a very cool dude from Run Every City, I knew I had to improve quickly.

Lacing up my running shoes and heading out for my first practice run I was full of enthusiasm with the plan to simply just run and see how far I got before I had to stop. Preparing for a 10km event couldn’t be that hard could it? Well, yes it can.. On that very first run I managed only 3.2km (2 miles) and felt like a melting snowman with lungs bursting at the seams.

Gradually I was improving my distance and feeling less unfit with every week that passed, that alone is a great motivator. Spurred on by my running buddy, Sarah, and my choice of some very dodgy Hip Hop songs we ran on the beach at 6am before the sun was too high in the sky.

One month before the event I ran my first full 10km route, albeit not very fast but managing to reach that milestone was a great feeling and mentally set me up for the challenge ahead.

On the day we ran on behalf of ub-cool to raise money for the very deserving cause of epilepsy awareness.

Running my first 10km event was a great feeling, especially as I managed to complete it in 57 minutes which is a new personal best for me.

With a new found respect for running I don’t want to let that slip so I plan to continue to keep pushing forward. Now the decision is on for next year – do I do the 10km again but attempt a faster time or should I try for the half marathon?!

Have a great day!

Heather x

Adventure Time

Two chicks with a dream to be skinny – Bootcamp Zulu Muscat

October 20, 2012
Since arriving in Muscat 7 weeks ago my diet and exersize has completely gone out the window and I feel like a big lazy slug! Life here is pretty relaxed so it is easy to become complacent and lazy.

        It is time to get some discipline back in my life!

This morning me and my new BFF Eliza embarked on a new challenge – To be super buff and skinny… Or just roll round in the sand and tone up a bit…

If you have never tried a boot camp fitness programme here is the description:
“Boot camp training is based on a military concept. It is the basic training given to cadets to make them fit and strong. It involves a lot of running and exercise and is considered a great way to become super fit.”

The challenge is to exersize on the beach for an hour, three times a week for 6 weeks under the watchful eye of an ex military man, Adrian. He will push us and literally pull us as far as we can go!

                       Basically my plan is in 18 classes I’ll be toned and fit, yeahhhh 😀

In my quest to be thin I invested in new runners and Nike’d myself from head to toe, somehow thinking that this was going to help me… I was wrong.

This was us at 7.30am this morning on Shatti beach and ready to go as part of the “Desperate Housewives group”, we didn’t know what we were about to let ourselves in for!!

OH MY GAWD…it was tough… After sprints, weights, sit ups, core exersizes and squats we were deflated and moaning about the sweat in our eyes and sand in our ears. 30 degrees and running on the beach like a loon is hard work. 
The final workouts were running with high knees in the sea and believe me it was so nice to get in the water, even if it was for more exercising!

This was us after our first class. Shattered, sweaty and totally covered in sand!! Totally gross but it was alot of fun.

Hopefully in six weeks I will be telling you how great it was and that we are fit and toned, I’ll keep you updated……

Check out their Facebook page for more details or you can email