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The wanderer returns to Muscat

May 19, 2013
Well Bloglets, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks galavanting and now thankfully I am back in Muscat and trying to get back into my usual routine. Don’t ask me what my usual routine is, it mostly consists of being lazy but maybe I’ll blog about the day in the life of a house wife another day.

My latest adventure took me back home to the shores of “home” in Bonnie Scotland. It was a somewhat spontaneous journey as I didn’t even have any flights booked until a couple of days before I left, this is not in my nature at all – I just love to plan things! My reason for a trip home was to sort some things out with our house back in the UK which kept me busy for most of my trip there.

The weather treated me well and most days were dry with some sunshine. It was nice to get away from the intense heat of the Middle East for a couple of weeks.

Things in the house took up almost every day of my trip home but I managed to fit in some visiting where possible, sacrificing sleeping and resting but at least I managed to get some fun in along the way. I’m lucky to have helpful inlaws who had already completed some chores for me which made life that bit easier.

A visit to see my family ended in me and Graham taking his mini motorbike out for a spin. He has had this thing since he was about 14 and we were surprised that it even still worked!

The view of Bennachie from my parents home was a welcome sight for sore, traveled eyes. It was so nice to see green grass & fields again instead of sand and rock!

I got to see my Dad again as the last time we saw each other was August before I left as he was travelling out to Houston for work. He was one of many people I didn’t manage to catch a picture which I regret, Linda your another one I forgot. We were too busy gossiping as usual I totally forgot!

My second other main reason for making the trip home was to see my beautiful new nephew, Max. On my last trip home in February I was lucky enough to attend Samantha’s baby shower, she is my oldest friend so I couldn’t miss it. I hadn’t planned to be home again until August meaning that he would be 4 months old before I met him so I was over the moon to get to see him at 4 weeks old. Being so far away from your friend when she has her first baby is a tough thing and I wished I could have been with her.

Beautiful baby Max <3

Me and Kay managed to find a dinosaur in Aberdeen! And even have a fish & chip supper mmmmm, thanks Kay! 🙂

Abby and I managed to find the bottom of a bottle of Grey Goose! It was so nice to see her as I hadn’t seen her since the week before I left home in August. It was just like old times and hopefully I will see her here in the not too distant future.

It was lovely to see my sister and her two twin boys, Ben and Adam. I took the boys for ice cream and some fun at the play park where me & Graham ended up hogging the slide.. Big kids!

Towards the end of the trip the weather changed with rain clouds and dark skies, this is the Scotland I remember! 

All in all it was a reasonably successful trip, I managed to get most of the things done that I set out to do and managed to fit in some visiting along the way.

Sadly time ran out too fast and I didn’t manage to see everyone or spend enough quality time with the people that I wanted to due to conflicting schedules and people having to work when I was free.  Hopefully they will understand that it’s not personal and I was sent home with a purpose, any free time I had was just a bonus. 

Now time to catch up on some sleep and acclimatize to the heat again..

Expat Life, Family Life

My first trip to Dubai

May 4, 2013

When I tell people that I haven’t been to Dubai before they are genuinely shocked. “But you only live 4 hours drive away”, yes that is true but I have only been in Oman for 8 months and I have been busy exploring my new home before I go venturing to the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

Last week Colin had to go to Dubai for a couple of days for a work course and he knew better than to leave me and my sulky face at home so he bought me a plane ticket so I could tag along. It’s not often we go on a trip together and yes he was going to work but still, I appreciated that I wasn’t left behind.  Good husband points to him!

We flew from Muscat to Dubai with Oman Air, you can pick up a return flight from 27 OMR/40 GBP if you book far enough in advance. With flight time of around 50 minutes it’s so easy just to hope on a plane and visit Dubai.

With Colin at work I managed to spend two days in the Dubai mall – holy cow that is some place!  I’ve never been anywhere like the Dubai Mall before, We don’t have places like that in Scotland!! After hours of walking around I still hadn’t seen it all. To navigate my way around I had to use one of the maps that they hand out and still I was having to stop at one of the 11 information points for directions! 

Me at the Aqurium in the Dubai Mall. Such a Geek!

There are so many shops in this one mall that even I was overwhelmed by the choice and didn’t buy as much as I usually would – probably much to Colin’s relief I didn’t melt his credit card too much.

On the second evening we had a meal at the terrace of ‘Meat & Co’ where we sat under the Burj Khalifa and watched the famous water fountain shows. Colin enjoyed tucking into his 700g steak. Perfect location and a lovely time with nice people.

The view of the famous Burj Khalifa from our evening meal. It is currently the tallest man made structure in the world at 829.8 m (2,722 ft). It is pretty mind blowing to think how tall that actually is. The weather was cloudy and overcast for the two days so hopefully next time it will be clearer and I can take the time up to the viewing point for a better look over Dubai.

Clockwise from left: View of the Burj from the road, Desert in the Cheesecake factory, Sharks at the Aquarium inside the mall, 700g Steak from the Meat & Co.

Dubai is an amazing place to visit with so much to see and do but after two days of shopping and eating too much I was exhausted and ready to head home. It is a bit too hectic for me, I like my ‘quiet’ life in Muscat.

One thing I will miss about Dubai – The Cheesecake Factory! Oh my goodness I was in heaven 🙂

So I’m home for now and heading off on another adventure in the very near future. No rest for the wicked!