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Cocktail Master Class – Left Bank


Straight up. On the rocks. With a twist – All terminology relating to drinks but do you know what they actually mean? Ermm… Nope.

I would consider myself to be well practised in the fine art of drinking cocktails but when it comes to actually mixing a good cocktail my skills are somewhat lacking.

With the dream of one day being able to serve guests something a little more swanky than a vodka & coke I enrolled myself on a cocktail making master class.

Of course drinks are always more fun with friends so I rounded up a couple of girlfriends and headed down to Left Bank for an evening of chatting, drinking and chatting whilst we drank.

Espresso Martini. Two words that are music to my ears. When I heard that this little beauty would be on the agenda for the evening I just knew we were on to a winner. Lets get started!

001 Espresso Martini start

Ready to teach us his Jedi ways was Left Bank’s bar manager, Alvin, was prepped and ready to begin.

After a tour of the bar and we understood the set up he then progressed to teach us the essential equipment of a good bar and the skills how to use them. With all that new knowledge under our belts it was time to put it into practice.

The contents were measured, muddled and mixed and when it was time I shook that cocktail shaker with all my might. As liquid spilled out and my fingers felt like they were falling victim to frostbite I wondered how bar staff make it look so easy?

Pour the contents into the desired glass, pop in the straws and decorate with chosen garnish and Voila! You have one slightly impressive looking cocktail.

Of course for the sake of research we must sample our creations…

001 Cocktails at Left Bank

001 LB drinks making collage

The drinks just kept coming with every enthusiastic trainee ready to take their turn and attempt their own creation.

001 Cocktail making 1

My drinks weren’t quite as impressive as the Left Bank staff can whip up with ease so I won’t apply for a job just yet. However, Not disappointed by my own efforts I left feeling merry and confident to then create some of my own concoctions at home. And in my book that is a successful evening!

001 LB cocktails collage

If you fancy trying the cocktail making class at Left Bank you can call at 2469 3699 or find them on Facebook.

And on an ending note – Always drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive.

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