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Eat, Sleep, Lift, Repeat – Part Three


“I want to lose weight” – The complaint that we all seem to have. But ten weeks into this body transformation I’m wondering why are we so obsessed with weight as a number? Does it even matter?

Before I started this body overhaul I made notes of what I wanted to gain, or lose, from such a serious body commitment. My main one “to lose weight”.
After a couple of weeks of hard training I had lost 2kgs and was feeling excited and encouraged, what I didn’t expect was for the next 5 weeks my weight would then be firmly stuck and not budging a stubborn pound, you could call it “plateau” if you wanted to be fancy about it.

001 Week 10 collage

The thing was my whole body was visually changing, my clothes were looser and my muscles were increasing but no matter how hard I worked out or how ‘clean’ my diet the weight remained exactly the friggin same for 5 whole weeks.

Glaring at this same number on the scale was really getting to me, even though I KNEW it was stupid I was still obsessed with this number. Of course I’m decreasing the fat and increasing the muscle so there must be a balance somewhere but to be the exact same number just sent my crazy body conscious self into a tail spin. All sorts of doubts started to creep in, was I doing enough? How could I push myself harder? Should I go and try and pee AGAIN?

After 5 weeks and just to confuse even more my body just dropped a further 2kgs in two days, it appears my “plateau” is over. Of course this made my mind happier to see a lower number but in reality we really shouldn’t care so much for the sake of a couple of kg’s – but we probably always will – As long as we are healthy and doing the best we can it really shouldn’t matter if the scales aren’t showing us exactly what we want to see.

(If you are late to the party and haven’t read my fitness journey so far you can catch up here with part one and part two )

This is how my body has progressed between Week 1, 5 and 10.

001 coll age b   n

001 Weight loss collage

Most noticeably my stomach fat has decreased, my thighs are much stronger and defined and around the face and neck area is significantly slimmer.

This has not been an easy journey to get to this point but I’ve found it more manageable recently to take it day by day, one meal and one workout at a time. It keeps me focused on each day and it’s not too daunting to think of the punishment the next day may hold.

*This part sounds crazy* I never realised how just how crucial the diet plan would be to loosing the fat. My thinking was if I just moved my ass more then eventually I would burn more calories than I had consumed and it’s all happy, skinny days.
True in theory, but then what I always stumbled on was rewarding myself with food. Had a bad Day? Have a treat and cheer up! Good Day? Have a treat and celebrate! Bored? Have a snack or two! – These rewards were the exact reasons why I would never loose the fat. Every day I’m trying to break that mental connection of treating myself with food.


In my last post I mentioned that we were trying out a Ketogenic diet, soon after the post I stopped this diet. Whilst it can have amazing results for some people it just didn’t respond well to my body and resulted in me losing too much strength for my work outs. It was quickly back on to my ‘clean’ eating plan again and back to full steam ahead.

When it comes to the diet it’s not always easy, especially if you are a food addict like me, Below are a few steps that I try to follow;

– Structure and balance the food that goes into meals – protein, veg, good carbs, fats
– Set your meal times and eat every few hours to keep your energy up
– Plan ahead – If you are busy take your meals with you in tubs or have them waiting in the fridge ready to reheat
– Drink LOTS of water then drink some more

001 Week 9 biceps

Changes to your body don’t have to include expensive gym memberships and personal trainers, you can make changes to your own body every single day by making healthier choices. If you struggle with motivation then try teaming up with a workout buddy or if you struggle with which foods work best for you then the internet is full of amazing suggestions just a few clicks away. Start by dedicating some time and effort to becoming the best version of you.

This weekend I will be taking part in the Horizon Fitness Adventure Challenge here in Muscat. This will hopefully be a great event to take part in and helps to keep me active and away from all my usual weekend vices **Cough cough pizza and cookies**

Every step of my diet and exercise plan is overseen by Coach Yoka at Elite Gym.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the coming weeks,

Heather x

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