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Hiking the Al Amerat Hill


If you have ever been to Muscat, the chances are you have seen the Al Amerat road as it snakes up the high mountain above. It’s a daily commuter route for hundreds but I’m certain not many people look at this route and imagine what it looks like from the top.

Sometimes you have to go off the beaten track to find the beauty in life.

I first blogged about this route back in 2016, read here, and recently I have been back here a few more times for fitness and bringing people to see the world from my point of view.

This week I took a group of ladies, and my trusty dog Luna, to this location for some great exercise and an excuse to be outdoors. What isn’t awesome about that?

This is the kind of mission where you have to use your brain & initiative – There is no actual route to follow, no mapped out path and no safety measures – the mission is just to climb to the highest point possible and enjoy the stunning views.

On this particular day the cloud was a welcome barrier from the harsh sunshine but on a clear day to view over the city is spectacular. It also allows you to spot your favourite landmarks like The Grand Mosque and Fahal Island.

Doesn’t it look intriguing? If you are in good health and ready to explore I would advise checking this one out.

Want to try it for yourself?:

When driving from Muscat up the hill towards Amerat there is a parking area half way up the hill on your right side. Pay attention because its a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ kind of thing.

This Google link will take you to the place where you can park your car: https://goo.gl/maps/yAbmm5CsZbF2

Get out your car, walk to the large Oman flag blowing in the wind, turn around and look at the high peaks behind you. Start walking uphill & best of luck.

The terrain is extremely loose and dangerous so I would advise to wear proper shoes & take it slowly. If you are in decent fitness it will take you around 1 hour & 15 mins each way.

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