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The Great Crack | Insta Inspo Adventure


‘The Great Crack’ is another adventure that came from ‘Insta Inspo’. What the heck is that?

In simple terms, It’s when you view something on Instagram and it sparks an inspiration in you – And believe me, It’s a very real thing! That is exactly how and why I ended up heading out of town in search of a crack in a rock… I’m crazy, I know.

I had seen on Instagram a kickass picture of a woman standing high above an incredible crack in a rock. The picture lit a curiosity in me that I had to follow. After contacting her and leading on to contacting some other people I knew what I had to do.

The information was a little vague, All I had was a picture of where I wanted to be and a Google pin. Thankfully that turned out to be everything I would need.

Following the Google pin I headed out of Muscat for Rustaq and followed the directions from there. Dramatic mountains and contrasting fluffy clouds filled the landscape beautifully making it an enjoyable car journey – Oman is a country that I never get bored of experiencing.

Eventually the tarmac road disappeared and we were heading uphill at a very steep gradient with sheer cliff drops and winding turns. This is not a road for the faint hearted or the erratic. When I say “steep gradient” I’m not joking. This is a twitchy ride for those who don’t enjoy mountain roads.

Eventually rolling into the sleepy town of Wajmah it was a welcome relief to get out of the car and stretch the legs. Quaint and sweet this is a traditional village almost like it is a preserved way of life from years gone by. Apparently 300 people used to live in these little houses nestled into the crevices of Jebel Shams but to this day only one family remains.

The silence was both bizarre and beautiful, never have I been in a habituated area where all I can hear is birds & bumble bees – Not even the noise of a car or a machine. My car was the only one for miles around.

The view of the village from the hike. Spot the red car, the only one around for miles at the time.

If you are also attempting the hunt for ‘The Great Crack’, There is nothing in the village directing you to the location and it’s unlikely you will find anyone to ask either – You have to use the Google map and your brain as you snake your way through the almost abandoned village streets and out the other side next to the falaj. The empty streets & houses are so quiet it’s almost eerie.

The crack in the rock is visible on the high mountain side for miles around. I could see it but had to figure out how to get to it. But isn’t that part of the fun when you have to figure the route out on your own?

After around 3km of uphill hiking and scouting the way the pin takes us closer to the point. As the rocks dramatically change from loose shale to the black, volcanic looking, rock thats when we know we are in the right place.

First laying eyes on that crack in rock I had imagined from Instagram and travelled to see was so worth it.

It’s dramatic, impressive, dangerous and so perfect. The cliff side drops off 80 meters into the rugged rock & darkness below.

Toking for something more thrilling? It is possible to abseil into the crack, and it has been mapped out by people before. You might have to find yourself a good guide for that one.

So that’s it, The challenge is set for you. You have the pictures & the pin is detailed below, So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, a 4wd and try a new adventure! If you find it I would love to see your adventure pics too.

With thanks to Ahmed Alrahbi for helping me locate this area.

How to get there:

This pin takes you right to the crack location:,57.307714

Head out of Muscat for Rustaq following the pin. Remember you have to attempt the incredibly steep road to Wajmah village. A 4×4 and a driver with a steady nerve is a must.


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