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Repatriation. Noun. “The return of someone to their own country”

It was something that I was always aware would happen one day, but as I climbed mountains and rode the wake I had filed the thought of repatriation away in my brain to a place where it wasn’t even considered and threw away the key.

That was until a few months ago.

The Sultanate of Oman has been my host country for the past 7 amazing years. Granted, it was only just over a quarter of my life that I spent there but I can whole heartedly say that they were the best years of my life so far.

Note the past tense, they “were” the best years of my life. I am no longer in Oman.

And if you follow me on social media you will probably have noticed my uncharacteristic changes and lengthy silences. Normal service shall resume shortly. I was taking some time to make sure that I was happy in real life and not just on social media.

Currently I am in the Motherland, Bonnie Scotland, devouring all the amazing delicacies and putting on a lot of weight. Comfort eating? Definitely. Let’s call it winter preps. I honestly forgot how tasty Scottish food is. But back to the point…


“But you love Oman, why would you leave?”

Obviously the common question but still it is not something I can quite manage to give a consistent answer every time I am asked or come to terms with just yet.

Things changed. Situations changed. That’s life though, right? The universe gave me multiple signs that it was time to step out and after ignoring it for too long it was time to grow a set of balls and do something about it. Pair that with the warmth of my family welcoming me back with open arms, I ran to them for the family love that I craved.

So here I am after all those years of building a home away from home, now back in my original home trying to make it feel like a home. That’s a lot of ‘home’ without being sure where you should be and if it’s the right thing.

My heart is truly aching for my Oman life. I miss my friends, I miss the lifestyle, I miss the random occurrings, I miss my big car, Heck I even miss the insane summer weather!



“If you walked away from everything why are you so happy?”

This sounds really strange but I’m so thankful that I am British. We are so blessed to have a chance to return to a country like this as a default, a base. Brits all gripe and moan about tax and the such like but in reality it is an amazing place to call home. Stable, secure and relatively safe. Throw in free schooling and NHS and you would be a fool not to appreciate these things. There are much worse places in the world to go.

I’m also proud of myself to be able to change my situation. We all know that change is scary but imagine how scary it can be thousands of miles from home and you have to now change every single thing and somehow sprinkle some magic dust to make it work for the best. Having an all seeing, all hearing 5 year old by your side certainly adds to the pressure as their little eyes are always watching.

I’m immensely grateful for all the amazing opportunities that I had during my time in Oman. If I didn’t have these and hadn’t met all the amazing people along my crazy path then I couldn’t have grown into the strong, capable and determined person that I am today.


“So what is next?”

Ahh-haa, the million dollar question! Heal.. Find my spark.. See what lights me up.. Enjoy my life!

We are now based in Scotland and plan to lay down our foundations & find our new flow. Spencer will start school, the dog can live out her golden days off the leash in green fields and I will continue to work on my projects. From there, who knows?!

Will I end up in Oman again one day? Insha’Allah.

We never truly know what is in store for us but I do know that my life is never going to be boring.

Trust in the magic of new beginnings

For everyone who followed my journey through my time in Oman I want to say THANK YOU! When this website was named ‘The Duncan Adventures’ it was intended to follow our adventures in life, not just in Oman, and that is exactly what we shall continue to do.

Until then, thank you a million times & stay classy x

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