About Me

Welcome to ‘The Duncan Adventures’ my own little slice of the internet

My name is Heather Duncan.

I’m a Mother to a wild child, Adventure Blogger, Scottish Expat, Social Media Fiend, Freelance Writer, Coffee Addict and lover of the crazy adventures in life.

If that sounds like your kinda thing then please settle down, make yourself comfy and stick around for a while.

Back in 2012 I landed in the wonderful world of Oman after saying goodbye to my home in Scotland. The past 6 + years have been a whirlwind of excitement, drama and adventure as I take on everything that a new life abroad has to throw at me.

Living away from home and my family has helped me to grow as a person in ways I could never of imagined. I’ve learnt skills, found new passions and became a confident person. Separating from my husband whilst living abroad has not been an easy side of life, I’m alone and far away from home – That scared me for a long time. Now I’m learning to embrace it and becoming a kickass single Mom is a pretty empowering thing!

My son, Spencer, is now 5 years old and he seems to have caught my adrenaline bug! From Wadis to mountains this little boy is The Duncan Adventures next generation and he’s already braver than most adults.

My life never seems to slow down and there is always something going on – whether it is good or bad, there is always a hilarious story to tell.


Although the site name is ‘The Duncan Adventures’, it is about the adventures we find in life not just in Oman. Afterall, you never know where in the world your next adventure will be.

The content varies from the great outdoors of Oman, Epic adventures I’ve tried personally and changing to day to day stuff like parenting and all the weird things life throws at us. A little something for everyone.

And a massive THANK YOU to my readers for your support from around the world, it gives me the drive to keep blogging and seeking out the best adventures in life. Some of you have been around for years and that’s pretty incredible and some of you have become my real life friends and that is even more incredible!

For the funnier side of life and the bits that don’t make it to the site you can also follow me on  Facebook and Instagram or find my videos on my YouTube page.

Heather x