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The Road To Everest


“Aren’t you scared?!” The question I’ve been asked several times this week. In just a few days time I set off to Nepal in the hope of a ‘trip of a lifetime’. Oh, and tackle that tiny thing called altitude as I embark on a 14 day trek to Everest Base Camp.

The answer is no. I am not scared. I am excited, eager, grateful and ready to get started!

The Mountain Vibes:
So why do I crave the mountains?
I believe that everyone in life has a happy place, the place where they feel calm and content. For me, it seems to be out in the wild with a backpack on and usually covered in dirt, although the dirt isn’t necessary – it just happens. My stresses melt away and things that bothered me before seem insignificant after a good dose of the outdoors life. 

For years I have dreamt of visiting the iconic Mount Everest but I have to be realistic that my body would be unlikely to handle the altitude of something so momentous as summiting the highest mountain in the world. After reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016 I became very sick from the effects of altitude. Thus, my sights turned to the famous Everest Base Camp.

Whilst some people scoff at “just” Base Camp as opposed to making it to the mountain summit, the life journey I dream of doesn’t necessarily mean standing on that mountains summit. I don’t have to achieve that to find happiness. For me, it is the journey – Being in the Himalayas, on an incredible adventure with amazing people and experiencing things with my own eyes. 

At an altitude of 5,364m, Everest Base Camp is 500m lower in height than the height of Kilimanjaro, where I have previously visited, but that doesn’t mean that is going to be an easy journey. Hiking for 14 days is physically tough on the body so this requires some training to prepare.


Although you don’t need to be super fit to visit Base Camp I want to give myself the best possible chance of achieving my goal so staying strong & healthy has been important over the past few weeks. After breaking my ankle 4 months ago, and spending 6 weeks of that in a cast, the main focus to prepare for the journey ahead is to strengthen my ankle and surrounding muscles again.

Training outdoors so frequently has given me so many amazing opportunities to see new places in Oman and try out new trails. From the top of Jebel Shams to the boulder field of Wadi Arbeein and dozens of places in between I’ve hiked it and climbed it in persuit of physical fitness.

Inside My Kit Bag:

My bag is almost packed and ready to go with my trusty mountain gear once again. I say almost because I’m a girl, I’ll probably cram a few more last minute items in and worry about the weight of the bag.

Thankfully most of my outdoor & cold weather kit survived, and still fits huraaaaay, from the last Kilimanjaro trip so that has saved a lot of money. Decent kit doesn’t come cheap!

If you ever embark on a challenge like this my one piece of advice, well I’ve got oodles but this is important – Don’t scrimp on the cost and quality of your boots & socks! You need these babies to take care of your feet & ankles. A rolled ankle or even a blister could cause you immense pain and ruin your trip.

Trusty and well worn boots from The North Face

One thing I have learnt to pack better this time around is a medical kit. Last time I just brought the basics like pain killers and plasters but this time I have the things that really come in useful like tweezers,  probiotics and coconut oil – It can be used for just about anything! Like, really almost anything. Google it.

Kit bag packed with many helpful items

With every trip and adventure I throw myself into, I find another piece of my puzzle in life. Eventually I will know who I am supposed to be as an adult, so my hope with this trip to Nepal is that I find a couple more pieces of my puzzle.

Stay tuned on my Facebook & Instagram pages where I will be updating at the slightest whiff of cell network to share my adventures and random shenanigans along the way.

Heather x

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The World Record Achievement


If someone asked you to join in a World Record attempt, would you?!

That is exactly what happened recently as I joined the incredible endurance cyclist Jonathan Shubert as he cycled across Oman from Muscat to Salalah, a total distance of 1,200km, in UNDER 48 hours!

To describe it as a “crazy trip” doesn’t even do it justice! Let me rewind a little….

After meeting the very humble Jonathan just a few months ago at a chance meeting through a friend I did not expect to be swept up in the whirlwind of what he was planning but something about this crazy man made me believe in him since our first meeting. Plus the idea of a nice little jolly to Salalah sounded interesting. Before I knew what I had agreed to I was signed up as the new member of his support crew.

Want to know more about Jon? Read his exclusive interview here.

So where did I fit into the record attempt puzzle? I trained with the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) to be approved as one of Jon’s ‘Race Officials’ insuring that he stuck to the rules along the way. Sounds easy but believe me, the 42 pages of rules to learn wasn’t straightforward! I also found myself a lot more involved in the media side of the challenge handling enquiries from national tabloids and sports sites who wished to follow the incredible journey. Soon it consumed our lives as we gave everything to help Jon achieve his dream.

Preparations along the way including the amazing team from Prismic Media who flew in from Kuwait to film the event, Jon’s great friend Chris who flew in from Dubai, Jon’s Omani friends who gave 24/7 assistance and the incredible Sukhee from the Husaak team who never complained even once. Seriously, not even once. Everyone played a vital role & selflessly gave up their time to make this happen.

The night before disaster stuck as Jon picked up food poisoning! In constant pain and already losing valuble fluids this was a bad situation but we couldn’t change the plans – The show must go on! Determined to succeed we stuck to the well planned schedule – Unfortunately for Jon, I don’t think any of us quite appreciated how much he struggled as he set off from Muscat at 6am on that first morning.

The first few hours on the road were exciting and dramatic as we travelled away from the capital city of Muscat and through the smaller towns and further south away from main civilisation. The scenery soon changed from craggy hills and mountains to the seemingly never ending desert highways.

By 1.30pm on the first day we found ourselves in danger as Jon stopped his bike and asked to lie down as he felt dizzy, his condition quickly deteriorated as his body went into severe cramp and at the point where he lost the ability to speak we knew it was bad. We had planned strategies to keep him cool along the way but the temperature in the desert had creeped over 30 degrees which had a major impact on his body.

Miles from the nearest clinic or hospital we were all alone by the side of the road with a man who is seriously unwell.
Jon admits now that he knows he was close to death lying there on that desert highway.

Frantically trying to help your friend when they are so close to death is an experience that changes you as a person. In that moment you become fundamental to their survival. It’s a horribly scary thing.

Thankfully Jon was able to recover and he shocked us all by getting back on his bike again and kept going as the rest of us stood by the side of the road overwhelmed at what has just happened.

He has incredible determination to succeed and he certainly proved it right there.

As we continued on the journey we travelled huge distances through the Oil Fields and desert roads without stopping and without seeing a town or a gas station for hours. It certainly was a different way to see Oman!

Every so often Jon would have to stop due to the heat that was affecting him, combined with his food poisoning it was a tough trip for him. We knew that we would have to make up a lot of distance after the sun went down! Jon would lie down in whatever shade possible to take small power naps of 15-30 minutes to recharge as us, the support crew, would anxiously wait until he gets back on his feet again to check his health.

Being a part of the support crew was physically and mentally more challenging than I would ever have imagined it to be! Constantly on hand to feed, care for and asses the athlete becomes your main focus! things were not straight forward but Jon was our focus so we ate our food on the road as we travelled and poured the last of our drinking water into a bucket to cool his feet. At one point all we had was 1 Pepsi between 3 of us. Life on the road is not glamorous!

But….. After completion of my 6 hour shift staring at Jon on a bike I have never been so happy to lie down in the dirt with an ice lolly when we FINALLY found a shop (also the same shop where someone tried to negotiate a deal to buy me, weird). I’m sure Jon  was delighted with 5 minutes peace without me smothering him!

The heat and exhaustion was affecting us all but you try to keep your spirits high!


The full cycling story from Jon’s side can be found here. Or you can come and hear us in person on Sunday 11th March 2018, more details here.

Rolling into Salalah at 4.30am felt amazing, like we had all survived something that even now I would struggle to explain to people. The crowds of people out on the street cheering and throwing confetti was so humbling.

But then we had to get back in the car and keep going, we hadn’t reached the GPS coordinates yet….

HE DID IT! We stopped the timer at an amazing 47 hours and 31 minutes, just under the 48 hour mark!

Finally arriving at the Sultans Palace in Salalah felt like a HUGE relief, we were all exstatic to have achieved what we set out to do but the exhaustion had taken the best out of all of us by this point.

We grabbed some quick pictures draped in the Union Jack flag of Britiain (Jon is English and I am Scottish) and the Omani flag and packed the bike into the back of the truck and headed off in search of much needed sleep. Only a few hours was permitted before the media side had to be completed and soon the story was national news.

Helping someone else to achieve something in life is an amazing feeling! I’m so proud on Jon and the team.

Those 48+ hours on the road were certainly a life experience I will never forget and something that I am extremely grateful for. I can’t wait to see what challenge comes up next!

Heather x


Muscat Marathon 2017


You may have been lured in here by an attractive title and the possibility that I may have ran an actual marathon. Sorry to disappoint, hee hee. My little white legs only ran a quarter of that and participated in the 10km event but still an achievement none the less.

Running isn’t something that comes naturally to me so when I signed up 5 months prior to the event it felt like a big challenge and a motivation to push myself to keep training. Inspired by Hitesh, a very cool dude from Run Every City, I knew I had to improve quickly.

Lacing up my running shoes and heading out for my first practice run I was full of enthusiasm with the plan to simply just run and see how far I got before I had to stop. Preparing for a 10km event couldn’t be that hard could it? Well, yes it can.. On that very first run I managed only 3.2km (2 miles) and felt like a melting snowman with lungs bursting at the seams.

Gradually I was improving my distance and feeling less unfit with every week that passed, that alone is a great motivator. Spurred on by my running buddy, Sarah, and my choice of some very dodgy Hip Hop songs we ran on the beach at 6am before the sun was too high in the sky.

One month before the event I ran my first full 10km route, albeit not very fast but managing to reach that milestone was a great feeling and mentally set me up for the challenge ahead.

On the day we ran on behalf of ub-cool to raise money for the very deserving cause of epilepsy awareness.

Running my first 10km event was a great feeling, especially as I managed to complete it in 57 minutes which is a new personal best for me.

With a new found respect for running I don’t want to let that slip so I plan to continue to keep pushing forward. Now the decision is on for next year – do I do the 10km again but attempt a faster time or should I try for the half marathon?!

Have a great day!

Heather x

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Wadi Adventure Race 12


What do I do for fun? I throw myself over walls and roll round in the mud, that’s what all girls do, right?? No? Ohh… Well, they should try – it is a lot fun!!

Exactly one year ago (Jan 2016) my crazy passion for obstacle course racing was ignited as I challenged myself in the Wadi Adventure Race, marking the anniversary I returned to same event to race all over again.

What is new this year I hear you ask, Returning a mere 12 months later with hugely improved fitness and being able to increase from the 5km to the 10km race category increased my confidence beyond what I could have hoped for in the previous year and this time bringing a troop of friends to join the fun.

Catch up on the original post, click here.

Running the same course that you have done previously could be boring but for me it was a good benchmark to notice improvement. Especially conquering obstacles that really challenged me last year feels like great motivation to keep going and keep improving on myself. These changes don’t happen overnight and it can become discouraging but this is the kick up the butt I need to keep me determined and working hard.

I’ll get sweaty and muddy so you don’t have to, Sit back and enjoy the video;

Have a great day,

Heather x

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Jebel Shams W6 hike


Jebel Shams, otherwise known as the ‘Mountain of Sun’, at 3,009m (9,872 feet) is the highest mountain in the Sultanate of Oman. That is not the only reason why it is a popular tourist spot, the views across the vast valley floor have earnt it the local nickname of the “Grand Canyon of Arabia”. As long as you don’t suffer with vertigo, the views from the summit are spectacular as you peer over the edge down the sheer rock face 6,40m (2,100 feet) to the valley floor.

The W6 hiking trail is a popular choice as it is reasonably easy to access and not too technical allowing most of the family can join in, just be aware of the huge heights and steep drops when dishing out the invites to the elderly and those who are likely to walk off a cliff edge – definitely not a trip for my active toddler!

As always, my favourite part of exploring sights in Oman is the ever friendly – and ever hungry – mountain goats. When they can’t stick their head in a trash for morsels can you can find them up trees (how is that even possible?!) munching on leaves. I even gave it a try for myself without much dexterity or grace, I’ll leave that one to the goats.

Along the W6 track you reach the old abandoned village of As Seb nestled into the rock face. It is amazing to think that people survived all the way out here!

The W6 trail was a great hike and one that I’m sure I will visit again soon with my next batch of visitors. With the drive only 2.5 hours from Muscat city it makes an achieveable and memorable day out.

Want to see more? Get comfy and watch the adventure video right here;

How to reach the W6 hike;
Travelling to Jebel Shams from Nizwa follow the road towards the summit sign posted for the Jebel Shams resort. When you reach the road outside the resort itself the main road ends and the dirt track splits in two – take the left fork.
The road to the summit is achieveable without the need for a 4×4, the next 10 mins of dirt track gets bumpy but still possible.
Reaching the tiny village of Khateem (I’m told that it is pronounced “Hootm”) we followed the road to the left and parked in a small car park, I didn’t notice any Ministry of Tourism signs as mentioned on other websites so we just went with the flow and found our own way. Passing the local vendors selling homemade wares we strolled towards the cliff side and made a left turn down hill where then we noticed the flags painted on the rocks.
Drive time from Muscat city was just over 2.5 hours.

Happy exploring!

Heather x

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The Secret Waterfall – Wadi Al Arbeieen/Arbaeen


Wadi Al Arbeieen or even Arbaeen – however you want to spell it, this is an amazing location that you need to add to your ‘must visit’ list.

I’ve often heard of people going there to swim, BBQ, hang out and picnic but I heard whispers of a waterfall deep inside the wadi. Not many people were aware of this when I asked them so I forgot about it until recently.

Excited for the winter weather and the opportunity to get outdoors on long National Day weekend I ventured out to Wadi Arbeein for an adventure with a couple of good friends. Thankfully, M had been here before so he knew how to get us to the illusive ‘Al Hail waterfall’ deep in the heart of the Wadi.

Venturing into the heart of the valley the fresh water pools are an amazing place to cool down after a strenuous hike and have some fun, at some points there was no way to continue the journey unless you took the plunge and swam. The visibility in the pools was amazingly clear allowing beautiful views of the fish swimming by. With very little garbage and pollution, this is by far the best Wadi I have visited in Oman.

To reach the waterfall itself the trek was hard going and dangerous at points, this is not a day out for the faint hearted – clambering over huge boulders, leaping across rocks with sheer drops and pulling yourself up into a narrow crack in the rock with only a rope for support as your feet slip and slide on the smooth surface. One wrong step in here and you would be in trouble. Believe me, Clumsy as ever I took a tumble down a sharp rock outcrop. I left that out of the video to spare my own blushes..

    Reaching the waterfall took 2.5 exhausting hours but it was worth it to experience such an amazingly pure, untouched beauty. Swimming in the pool below the waterfall was an experience I’ll never forget.


    It’s not every day you take a shower under a waterfall! This is one of the amazing things that I truly love about Oman, these awesome life experiences are out there and for free – you just have to be proactive about it!

    Click on the video link for the full trip, please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed it!

    Oman, you really are a very beautiful creature.

    Heather x

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The Spartan Beast Race


Remember that I promised you that my next adventure was going to be a BIG one? Even describing it as “physical suicide”?
True to my word, My poor body has been put through the wringer yet again and pushed into the latest intensely savage Spartan Beast race held in Sharjah, UAE.

My previous Spartan race was the ‘Sprint’ level which was approx 6km – this time I went a little crazy and supersized to the challenge of the ‘Beast’, more than triple the distance of the Sprint. In all honesty my fitness level was questionable whether I would be able to complete such a momentous physical challenge without exhaustion or injury. Signing up was maybe ambitious or possibly just plain stupid, either way I’ll blame peer pressure for this one.

After some bullying I found myself signed up for a 20+ km race involving 30+ obstacles in the unforgiving rolling sand dunes and craggy mountain heights deep in the Sharjah desert. Ahh jeez.

‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’ – This is my moto in life and quite fitting for an event such as this. Both myself and Sarah agreed our moto for this would be ‘Complete, not compete’, although it’s a race we aren’t there for perfect times or to beat anyone – we were taking part for our own personal achievement to complete the course and survive it.

Together with 4 other slightly insane team members we kept each other motivated through the build up of training and preparations, even going so far as to have team t-shirts printed. Who doesn’t love a naughty novelty t-shirt?



Through the course there are some intense moments that really test every ounce of your physical strength and mental determination. Weighed down with sand bags whilst climbing almost vertical sand dunes drains every ounce of energy and sends your quads into cramps. At times you want to just say “F*ck it” and give up. But you don’t because you are a Spartan, you have come too far to give up now. You shake it off, regain your focus and keep on going.

Through the 5 hours on the course I swore like a trooper, sweated a bucket load, drank 4-5 litres of water, 4 energy pouches, dislodged a toenail, flared up a knee injury, got sand everywhere and experienced every kind of muscle pain possible. But you know what, it was worth every single second. Through every moment I thought I was almost defeated my tired legs just kept on moving and my brain stayed on course for the end goal and I kept powering through.

Previous to the event I doubted my own fitness and mental strength whether I could complete it or not so crossing that finishing line and collecting the medal made it all sooooooo worth every bit of effort. It might have taken 5 hours and 16 minutes but the high of knowing that I’m stronger than I gave myself credit for is an amazing, powerful feeling. Not bad for a Mum huh 😉

The all important fire jump picture! Could I be anymore girly?!


What I can’t put into words, you can watch on this video and get a feel for the race without my rambling. So get yourself a cuppa, settle down and experience a Beast race without even having to break a sweat.

Hopefully you enjoy the video, let me know what you think!

Heather x

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The Spartan Sprint, Muscat Oman


Fatigued, messy hair and sweat running in to your eyes… and that’s before you even reach the event. Recently Muscat was the host of the world famous Spartan obstacle race. It has been the talk of the town for weeks as people gear themselves up for the event in Oman for the first time. The fit, the determined and the insane were there and ready to channel their inner Spartan warrior and push their bodies to breaking point.

This has been an event in my calendar that I have been looking forward to! It has been the focus and training goal to be “race ready” on time. With 1,500 competitors trained, primed and conditioned for most people this isn’t exactly a weekend fun run – this was serious business.


How does a Spartan Sprint race work? Basically, you begin at the starting point and if you are tough enough you will finish at the end. In between those two points is the unknown, anything could happen throughout the course as you tackle the terrain and the obstacles.

As race morning arrived I awoke feeling slightly nervous but healthy and ready for the challenge ahead. Through breakfast and on the way to the event the nervous butterflies in my stomach were building and by the time we reached the holding pen to start the race I was downright terrified.
Quietly eyeing up the competition around us everyone appeared to be pumped up athletes ready to tackle the course ahead. I began to psyche myself out and doubt my ability but as the starting noise was sounded the nerves were forgotten and auto pilot switched on, one foot on front of the other and start running.

With 6.5km of Sprint course ahead the initial 1.5km portion was running on soft sand and across the dunes and really testing cardio endurance and leg strength. From there the first four obstacles came in quick succession and soon we were up and off again.

As we ran from the dunes down onto the beach and into the water, just to get your shoes wet to slow you down, the course looped onto the craggy beach rocks as you loaded up with sandbags to weigh you down even further. Funnily enough I was totally ok with this bit, A sandbag is a lot easier to handle than a 16kg toddler mid tantrum.


Snaking away from the beach the uphill sprint took us on to dusty and rocky terrain where the cooling beach side breeze disappeared and the cardio impact was intensified by the heat and humidity. (The temperature was around 33 degrees C with humidity of 47%) The sweat poured from my head as I shake it off in an oh-so glamorous wet dog kind of way. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for them some runners are less glamorous and stop to vomit at the side of the trail as others disappear behind rocks to release the “runners trots”.

Making my way through obstacles like tyre flips, muddy water pits, barbed wire crawls and up over 6 foot walls. This is no easy task as my heart pounds in my chest but the legs on auto pilot just keep going.


As your brain starts giving up before your body it tells you “I can’t do anymore, I just need to rest”, everytime I started to slow I could hear people shouting words of encouragement and it gave me that boost to keep going…and not look like a total, well, girl.

Despite practicing monkey bars before race day these were my main weakness on the day. As I jumped to start the first rung I slipped off the wet bar. Composing myself and attempting it again I just couldn’t get the momentum to swing to the next bar as they are placed far apart. And so it was to the burpee station for me.. Already fatigued the energy draining 30 burped penalty was a tough punishment.

The last push to the finishing point was via huge A-frame structures, not ideal for those with a fear of heights, through an ICE COLD water bath leaving me with crippling cramp in my quads and then up a slippery mud wall to the very last obstacle and the finale….


The fire jump looks like a great photo opportunity but believe me, fresh out of that ice bath I was struggling to get my legs to cooperate never mind jump a fire pit. As I sprinted towards it I could feel the heat radiating. I’m pretty sure there were a sea of expletives leaving my mouth as I used the last bit of energy my legs had to stop me from tripping into the fire itself.

And that was that. My first ever Spartan Sprint completed. Phew!

My finishing time was 1 hour and 12 minutes, not too far from my initial aim of around 1 hour. From the Sprint race stats I placed 100th overall, bringing me to 12th place in my age group. On the day I was delighted with those results and felt happy, now that I am rested and semi recovered I know that I can do better than this.

From the amazing beach front location to the party atmosphere and community spirit I loved everything about this event. This is a pretty huge deal for Oman to host such an event and I hope that every year it will grow bigger and stronger as it brings so many new people together with the aim to be healthier and stronger.


I know that you, my dear readers, like to live vicariously through me, and that’s totally ok.. I’ll do all the hard, sweaty stuff and expensive part and you can be entertained and amused from the comfort of your house or office. Sounds good, right? So then comes the question “What is next?”… And ohhhh boy it’s a big one. You will probably be glad to not have to actually take part in this. It is a little crazy and could be classed as physical suicide… Watch this space.

See you soon,

Heather x

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The Road To Spartan


Four weeks from now Oman will host it’s first ever Spartan obstacle race. This is a big deal for the fitness community in Oman and I am so excited that every part of my fitness training, nutrition and sleep is geared towards this event – When my husband told me to get a hobby I’m sure that he didn’t expect me to be exhausted and asleep every night by 9.30pm.

Fitness posts can be tricky, they either inspire you to want to get your lycra on and move your butt OR they can be a massive turn off sending you deeper under the duvet. This post is about positive energy, motivation and beliving in yourself. Who doesn’t want a little bit of that in their lives?!

What is a ‘Spartan’ race?
It is a series of tough obstacles and physical challenges set out over varying distance and difficulty levels. Originating in America it is now held in many more countries around the world. Gruelling challenges include running through different terrains, climbing 8ft walls, swinging high across monkey bars whilst getting very muddy and sweaty at the same time.


I am by no means an athlete. Like, seriously, I sweat, struggle and complain like every other human.

I’ll rewind a little… My journey began 14 months ago when my husband signed me up for a personal trainer. Yep, he really did that. At the time I was angry and embarrassed that he felt that I needed that but in hindsight I can see that it was the kick in the ass that I needed. I was heavy, unfit, slow and really lacked body confidence.

Fast forward to the present day and whilst I am no Olympian my body is fitter, stronger and healthier than it has ever been. Along the way something clicked in my head giving me a different outlook on life. I no longer strive to be “skinny”, I strive to be strong and healthy.

Why do you want to do a Spartan? Two years ago a friend was set to compete in an obstacle race and asked me to join. Even though it sounded like amazing fun I was frustrated at myself for not being able to keep up with that level of fitness. So when I heard that Spartan is coming to the city where I live there really is no excuse, it’s like a sign from above that I need to get my act together and conquer this!

To compete in a challenge on a Spartan level it requires a higher physical fitness level than I have previously been training so it was time to step it up a gear…or ten…


How frequently and how hard you train for an event like this is totally up to you.
Whilst I am realistic that I won’t finish in the top rankings of my age group, for me it’s not about that. I plan to do the best I can for my own body and push myself to the finish without feeling like I have let myself down because I didn’t prepare or try.

With only a few weeks remaining my training is a mixture of weight training in the gym, running outdoors on different terrains and attending Spartan obstacle training classes.
My biggest struggle so far, both mentally and physically, is getting outdoors and building up the endurance to run and keep going. Running feels like it just doesn’t come naturally to me and I really having to dig deep for the motivation to keep the pace without stopping.

To sign up for the race visit the official Spartan website. Or if you just fancy joining a free Spartan workout training session it will be held every Friday morning at 9am on the run up to the event, check our the Spartan Arabia Facebook page here for more details.


The moral of the story is that your body can do so much more than your mind lets you believe! Whether it’s a Spartan race, signing up for a new gym class or even just getting out and going for a run – Get your trainers on, try your best and have fun!

Go get ’em tiger, I believe in you!

Heather x

Ps- Keep up to date on my social media pages for more Spartan fitness and random life stuff.