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Pregnancy Silhouette With Just An iPhone


This one is for all you beautiful Bumpy Mamma’s out there,

We don’t all have the money for professional maternity photoshoots or own fancy cameras with the editing software, but still we want a lasting momento of that cute baby bump.

Well I’m here to help.. All you are going to need is your trusty iPhone, a couple of App’s and a little bit of know how to make a great picture.

So for me, this was Bump at 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant, just hours before I gave birth and this was the very last photo I have of myself before my world changed forever. I’m so glad that I took the time to take a very last bump picture, even just to remember how big I actually was.



  • If, like me, you have no one to take the photo for you then you will need an app with a timer so you can set it and run into position. Try apps like “Self Timer Camera” or “TimerCam” or “Camera+”, all are available on the app store.
  • Then you need an app for editing to adjust the exposure. There is an amazing one on the app store call “Afterlight”, its cheap an effective. There are plenty of other editing apps out there like “Picfx” and “InstaEditor”



  • Keep your silhouette as smooth as possible so wear a black fitted tank top/vest and some leggings or yoga pants too.
  • Tie your hair into a messy bun or pony tail for added effect.



You will need a window with natural light coming in. Preferably with a thin curtain of blind in the background to take the harsh effect from the light and give it a nice soft glow. Find a nice spot in the house with plenty of light, maybe by a patio door or a bedroom window.

I used the window in my main bathroom as I could prop the phone on the shower cubicle handle and then waddle myself in position for the countdown timer.



Get yourself prepared with the right clothes and location with natural light. Open the timer app and set it for around 10 to 15 seconds.

It’s tempting to turn the iPhone camera to the front facing one so you can see if you are in the shot properly (a la selfie style) but this gives you a real crappy exposure on the picture and won’t come out well in the end. Trust me, use the back camera and it will be so much better.

Prop it somewhere stable that will get both you and bump in the frame. Press the timer to start and get in position with hands lovingly on the bump and standing up straight. Annnnnd SNAP.


01 Test preggo

Ok, so you don’t love your first picture? That’s totally ok, set the timer and try again and but this time get yourself in a different position. Do a few trials to see what works for you.

On my test shot there were many things that I didn’t like so I went back and changed my pose, moved so you could see the curve of my back and changed my facial expression. It took a few attempts but finally I got one that I liked.


Once you have your photo that you are happy with then open your picture editor app of choice;

– I cropped my photo firstly to get rid of the junk in the back of the shot and made sure the focus was on the bump,
– Make sure that the photo was straight. Some apps have a tendency to nudge them off centre a little,
– Then change the filter to a black and white option, I preferred that to the below quick edit shot of the hazy yellow tone, After that I then added another filter ontop to give it a slight blue-ish tone,
– Play about with filters and layers to see what suits you and your mood,
– Then once you are happy save it on the highest resolution.

01 Preggo edit

Have fun with your photo and edits, experiment with different poses and hair styles to make a dramatic silhouette.

Then once you are finished you can upload them to the world, make people jealous of your fabulous bump AND that you didn’t pay for an expensive shoot. Plus you didn’t even need to get your husband up off the sofa. Good job ladies!

And here is my final picture of the 38 week bump 🙂

38 weeks sillouhette

I would love to see all your bumpy pics, tag me on Facebook or Instagram to show me how yours looks.

Heather x

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The Kid On The Leash


Yes. That is my kid on a leash. Well, sort of.

They are actually called reins but before you judge me, lets have a little chat about this.

After these sweet babies reach one year old they hit a funny point in their small lives – they are too head strong and wriggly to sit still in a pram for long but you just know that if you let them out the carnage is imminent. Those wobbly little legs will run and run and it will always be in the direction you don’t want them to go.  I see this in shopping centres too often where the kids taking off at the speed of light and the weary parents shoot each other the look “well I chased him last time”.

My kid is no different. He is currently 14 months old and a pint sized nightmare. He can/will run off in the blink of an eye towards the nearest hazard.

Trying to do my best restraining him and practicing responsible parenting doesn’t stop the horrified looks from people and the “why is your kid on a leash?!” and “Awww, Poor baby!”

For Spencer’s first birthday I gifted him some snazzy baby reins from Little Life. It is actually a “toddler day sack with detachable rein”. It’s cute and fun, there is nothing harsh about it. They still allow him to toddle along happily at a safe distance but keep him out of immediate danger.


01 Reins in trolley

The safe “leash” rein concept has been around for donkeys years, I even wore them when I was a tiny tot, but this idea doesn’t seem to have caught on in the Middle East as people look at me like I am the worst mother in the world. This isn’t just for his safety, it is also for the safety and sanity of others. No one wants my kid destroying their shop or running out onfront of their car.



So please, if you see a parent trying to do their best then don’t judge, tut or ask why my kid is on a “leash”. I’m just trying to keep him safe and out of your way.

What is your opinion about the kid on a “leash”?

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Monster Mash Bash


Your babies first birthday is a big deal and what better way to mark the event than with a huge party surrounded by family and friends?!

This weekend we celebrated with a fun filled, colourful monster themed bash. Why a monster theme? Well, because he really is a little monster! (You could also use the words terror, hooligan or rascal)

The party planning started weeks in advance with HOURS of crafting and creating homemade monsters.

The invites were sent out calling all fellow monsters to join us.
(Invites designed by the very talented Terence Pereira)

Party Invite

As the birthday boy awoke a whole year older he opened his sleepy eyes quite confused, I had filled his bed full of coloured balloons. When the initial confusion was passed he wriggled out of his sleep sack and loved jumping on the balloons and throwing them.

01 Birthday baloon boy

As the main party event drew closer the whole house was transformed into a monster theme with decorations filling every nook and cranny.

01 Welcome monster

01 Hanging Monsters

Colin couldn’t help but be a kill joy for the event….

01 Colin killjoy

As the guests arrived lots of homemade tasty party food was served, including some party favourites – marshmallow top hats!

01 Party top hats

What party is complete without a fruit vomiting monster?!

01 Birthday fruit monster

Sadly I do not have a single photo from the actual party as we were too busy having a great time but the event was a great success and everyone themselves.

Birthday family photo

Our little monster was totally spoilt with love and generous gifts from all the partygoers. Thank you to everyone who could make it and for the wonderful gifts!

Once the kidlets were exhausted and headed to their beds it was then time for the adults party…. There were a few sore heads the next day.

Lets hope Spencer doesn’t want another party until his 21st!!

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The First Christmas


Dear Spencer,

Your first Christmas has just passed and what a great time you had. You are too small to remember all the details but the fact that you were present and smiled the whole day meant the world to me.

Right now you are just under 11 months old, you weigh an impressive 12kg with a nice head of brown fluffy hair and can walk pretty confidently on your own without help from us. Quite the clever little chap.

01 Spencer xmas

Some of your favourite things to play with aren’t exactly suitable for a baby your age so it’s not easy to tell Santa what you would like.

We currently live in Muscat, Oman and are away from most of our loved ones. This can make Christmas and birthdays a little sad but luckily for us Uncle Graham travelled all the way from Scotland to visit us just for Christmas.

01 Tree Decorators

On Christmas eve you wore your special Santa PJ’s and we sang you special songs as we tucked you into bed ready for the excitement of the next day, A tradition that my Mum & Dad used to do with us.

At 6.30am on Christmas morning you awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to play. For breakfast you had milk, toast, raisins and apples before it was time to wake Daddy up to tell him that Santa had been.

Santa was very good to you bringing you lots of new toys including a bubble machine, books, your very own TV remote and clothes.
Daddy got you a couple of extra special presents like a new ice hockey jersey so you can match him and a big T-Rex toy to make RARRRR noises at.

01 Spencer present

There were so many presents to open from Nanny, Granda and Stacie who had sent them to us well in advance. You especially liked the building blocks in the box.

Uncle Graham helped you to open lots of presents and even to play with them too!

01 Graham present

Dressed in a reindeer jumper and chinos you looked so cute and trendy as we went for a special Christmas lunch at the Shangri La Hotel. You feasted on slices of turkey, roast potatoes and bread rolls. Since it was Christmas you had a special treat of chocolate ice cream for dessert. We laughed at the mess you made with the ice cream, Always the mucky pup.

01 Spencer Christmas ice cream

After lunch we headed to meet the big man himself, Mr Santa Claus. He made a special appearance for the day and arrived on the back of a camel. You were very well behaved to meet him as you took your gift and gave him big smiles.

01 Santa and Spencer

A great day was had by all and we made some special memories to treasure forever,

Family Christmas

Thank you for being such a HUGE part of our lives and always bringing happiness and smiles,

Mumma xx

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Christmas is coming!


Just over 3 weeks until the magical time Christmas is upon us, are you crazy organised or in denial?

Here in Oman nothing really feels too festive so I am currently feeling a bit homesick for the festive feeling, cold nights and crackling log fires. I don’t plan on putting my tree up for another couple of weeks yet, that way there is less chance of it being attacked by the kittens.

If you aren’t feeling festive yet here are some pictures of my little Elf to get you in the Christmas mood.


Spencer Elf

I am so excited for Spencer’s first Christmas!

Spencer elf 3

Spencer elf 4

Do you celebrate Christmas?

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Banana and Oat baby cookies


Babies like to use their tactile little fingers and slobbery mouths to explore with food and textures, it’s all part of learning. So is throwing most of it on the floor.

Fed up of spending so much money on expensive baby biscuits and cookies that are probably wasted, or in the stomach of the dog, I decided to make my own baby cookies. And what d’ya know, it turns out that the little fella loves them way more than the packaged cookies!

This recipe is super simple to follow, tasty and healthy and cheap to make – The chances are you probably have at least a couple of the 4 ingredients at home already. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Lets get started then!

10 ingreds

My recipe made 14 baby sized cookies, If you want more than that try doubling the recipe.

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Just like making banana bread, it is better to have ripe bananas for taste and to mash easily. If, like me, you only have the unripe green ones I will let you in on a little life hack right now.. This may just blow your socks off;

Pop your unpeeled green bananas on a baking tray and place into your pre heated oven.

03 Green Banana

Leave them in the oven for around 15 minutes and when you remove them they should look a bit like below… Inside they will be soft and tasty like a ripe banana.

04 Black banana

Let them cool down before peeling and mashing.

Add all 4 ingredients into a big bowl and stir around until well mixed together.

**I used a jar of apple sauce that I had in the cupboard, you can also use babies apple puree. If I am making the cookies for myself I will scrap the apple and just use an egg instead, Spencer loves the apple taste though**

Spoon out a little mixture at a time and divide into bite size cookie balls. If your mix is a little too dry to stick together well then try adding a little milk – whether it is from a cow, breast or formula I’ll leave that upto you.

05 Raw Bites

Leave a little space between each one on the baking tray.

Pop them into the oven for around 15-20 minutes until they are golden brown and smelling delicious.

07 Cooked Bites

Voila! Look at that, cooked and scrummy looking.

If you want to make them a little naughier next time try some chocolate chips or raisins inside. I will store these in an air tight container for around 3 days.

Napping is hard work so when the Prince awakes he is ready to tuck into a tasty and healthy snack…

08 Eating

09 Happy Eater

I would love to know if you gave this recipe a try!

Heather x

– The inspiration for these tasty treats came from a great Blogger that I follow called Hannah Maggs. Click to check out her page.

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This is SPARTAAAAA… Spencer’s 1st Hallowe’en


If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I take great pleasure in dressing my child up in amusing outfits and snapping a few pics to haunt him with later in life.

What better time to dress him up in something fabulous than Hallowe’en?

The costume of choice was to be a Spartan warrior, y’know from the film ‘300’?

Ever since Spencer was a tiny baby he has always been bigger, stronger, more determined and now faster than most kids his age – Just like the Spartan infants who are trained to be elite from a young age. A cute pumpkin just wouldn’t suit his personality.

So, how do you dress your baby as a Spartan? Let me give you a few pointers;

Firstly you have to measure a cape – this not easy when they wriggle and are more interested in chomping on the measuring tape.
I hauled his bed/baby jail on front of the TV, whacked on some cartoons to distract him and measured his height whilst he wasn’t looking. Genius parenting from me.

Making Sparta2

Making Sparta4

I started out with some cuts of fabric, watched a few You Tube videos and I was off in a flurry snipping and stitching.

Making Sparta1

Ensure all animals are in a trance like state so that they cannot interfere…

Making Sparta5

The baby jail allows your little Cherub to still be able to see you but not touch anything sharp or dangerous.

Making Sparta jail

After all the stitching you will eventually you end up with a pretty awesome cape. Every Spartan needs his weapons so for the added effect I whipped up a sword and a shield to go with the outfit.

Don’t be fooled by the realistic looking 8-pack, it was actually drawn on with the use of an eyebrow pencil. Y’know a 6 pack isn’t enough these days so we added in an extra 2 for the ultimate Spartan look.

A quick once over with some fake tan it is then time to draw on a beard/stubble, that is just the icing on the cake. By now your baby should be looking somewhere between hilarious and menacing.

02 Sparta

03 Sparta

It is then time to take plenty of hilarious pictures.

This has set the bar high for next Hallowe’en, I should start my planning now…

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Surviving The First 6 months Being a New Mum


Last week my squishy faced little guy turned 6 months old, a whole 20 weeks has whizzed by. The little bundle of brand new baby is now a giggling, wriggling two toothed boy full of personality and mischief.

The past 6 months has honestly been the quickest of my life, mainly on autopilot fueled by Starbucks coffee and take away pizzas, but also the most enjoyable and full of love. It is only just now that I am starting to feel ‘normal’ and like I know what I am doing and confident in that.

Here are my top 10 tips to surviving this tough time fraught with hormones, emotions and new experiences:

1- Surround yourself with supportive people:
Whether it is your husband/partner, Mum, Best Friend or other new Mums you are going to need someone to lean on. Parenting is hard. That is a fact and anyone that tells you differently is a total fibber!
I have a great Mums & Baby group where we can talk all things baby from the color of poop to sleep patterns and the post parturm body. Talking to people who are going through exactly the same thing and having the same concerns is so reassuring for me.

2- Trial and Error:
You will know your baby better than anyone, you know what works for them and what doesn’t. You only find this out through trial and error. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way through tears and screaming but you learn from each other how to work together as a team.

3- Accept help:
I’m not great at this one and I don’t like to accept help in fear or burdening others but there really is no shame in it.
Even just someone to hold the baby for a while whilst you get a shower or to make you a cuppa so you can have 5 minutes alone is a great start.

4- Have some alone time:
Get your nails and/or hair done, put on some make up, take a long bubble bath and feel like a gorgeous woman again instead of a dairy farm or a human spit shield.
Your body has just created something amazing but the chances are you just aren’t feeling very attractive or quite like the old ‘you’. A little bit of rest and pampering goes a long way to feeling like that kick-ass yummy mummy you know you can be.

Post-baby pedicure time

5- Celebrate your ‘Firsts’:

There will be a lot of firsts since having a baby. Celebrate them, remember them and feel accomplished!
The first time I took Spencer out in public on my own was a big one for me. We walked to our nearest Costa and sat in a glow of achievement that I had made it there at all. The walk there is less than 10 minutes and it probably took me hours to get ready between showering, expressing enough milk, clean clothes for us both, pack a nappy bag, baby in pram and get there crossing a road and not killing us both. But we did it! Once I got that ‘first’ hurdle out of the way our trips out the house got a lot easier.

6- Don’t sweat the small stuff:
It’s ok if dinner isn’t made, that’s what take out is for.
It’s ok if the baby hasn’t had a bath for two nights, they don’t really need it anyway.
It’s also ok if your house looks like a war zone, it can be tidied later. Or even tomorrow. Or in my case – the day after that! 

7- Ignore unwanted advice:
I wanted to punch people in the face. Hard. Everyone seemed to have an opinion and they are very quick to tell you exactly what they think.
So what if my baby is in his bouncer parked onfront of the TV whilst I grab a quick shower? They preach with their “oh we don’t have a TV, It will ruin babies imagination” Bahh!
A few other subjects that people will be VERY quick to lecture you on – breast feeding, baby wearing and cloth diapers. Do your thing girlfriend, ignore the haters.

8- “Sleep while your baby sleeps”:
So annoying but soooo true. Sleep is precious and babies sleep patterns are unpredictable.
Although…As I type away my own baby is sound asleep and I really should be too. Hmm. Maybe I should make a new post called ‘Listen to your own advice and stop blogging’?

Enjoy the quiet time whilst you can

9- Crying is normal:
We’ve all been there. Some more than others but it’s totally normal, you have just birthed an actual human for Gods sake. That in itself is pretty crazy. Sometimes you will cry due to your hormones and other times you will be tired, frustrated and over whelmed but just cry it out and vent.
So when did I cry?
First vaccinations Check!
Because the baby wouldn’t sleep? Check!
Cried because they were crying? Check!
Cried because I was sick of crying? Double check!

10- Take each day as it comes:
Every day will be different, some will be good and some will honestly be pretty crap but the next day is different and then you see that gummy smile and it makes it all worth while again.


Do you have any advice on how you survived the first few months? I would love to hear from you!

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Happy Half Birthday – The 6 month update

This week marked Little Spencer Duncan’s half birthday. A whole 6 months have passed since I met my little love. Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t.

My past few days have been spent staring at him in wonder that I created something so amazing and how quickly the days have gone. It is amazing that in even just 6 small months how much your life can change.

Those gnashers are well and truely through now


This heavy little guy is now bang on 9kg (19.8lbs) – quite the chunk!


Thankfully since the two bottom teeth popped through a couple of weeks ago we have had a break from the pain, grumpiness and insane chewing. Once those toothy pegs cut through the gum it was like immediate relief. Phew!

Relaxing in the morning sunshine


Spencer is a very active and alert little boy. As always, he is desperate to be standing upright or jumping. He has insane strength in his legs for such a young baby. This is helped by spending time in his Jumperoo and in his new baby walker and can now stand unaided as long as we are holding him for balance. Unless it’s sleeping time he does not want to lie down.

We have been helping him to sit upright, he is still pretty wobbly and doesn’t last long before he falls to the side but with a few more weeks of practice I’m hoping that we have it mastered.

Exercising his voice is one of his new passions and likes to be quite vocal chatting away to us, just like the picture below. 


Thankfully Spencer still loves his sleep, I pray that this continues.
Morning naps are generally 40 minutes to an hour long and in the afternoon 1-2 hours nap.

Bed time is at 7.30pm by the latest as he just can’t stay awake any longer. We will then dream feed at 11pm and from there he will sleep right through until 6am.


This is one smiley, happy boy! He loves to interact with people and make eye contact. Recently he has been alot more aware of what Penny and Steven Kitten are upto and tries to make his way to them or screams for them to come to him.

By watching us he is starting to mimic what we do with blowing raspberries and making noises. He is very alert and aware of what is going on around him.

Food & Diet

Now at 6 months old he is eating 3 pureed meals a day, through his own choice! Milk just isn’t filling him up enough to curb the hunger which was making him very grumpy. He will have his meals plus 4-5 bottles of milk through the day for vitamins and hydration.

During meal times in his high chair I will give him finger food to chew on to get used to the textures and flavors. He won’t eat these but likes to play with them and try putting them in his mouth. Some foods that he likes to chew on are sliced cucumber, carrot sticks and toast.

This month his favorite food is pureed apples and still maintains a strong dislike for blueberries.


This little guy loves a routine and some structure in his day – he must get that from me!

We found our routine naturally by following the signs he gave us when he was tired and hungry. In a day I know that he will always get up from 6am onwards, through the day he will have two naps and will go down for bed by 7.30pm. It is not strict and to the minute but by sticking to this loosely (give or take 15-30 minutes) helps me to have a happy and well rested little boy.


He is officially in his 6-9 month clothes. I have bought him a few new bits and bobs mainly from Zara Baby and Carters.

The shops here follow the UK seasons – which is ridiculous as we don’t have the same climates – and soon their stock will be full of heavy materials, woolen jumpers and winter jackets. Soon I’ll start buying clothes ahead of time for when Spencer is bigger and still needs summer clothes.


Like a little Meercat, he LOVES to be upright and see what is going on.

He very much enjoys being outdoors to see all the colors and feel the wind in his face. Hopefully the weather improves very soon and we can head outdoors more. It is still at least 40 degrees every day so we can’t venture outdoors for long at a time.

Playing rough, being thrown up in the air and hanging upside down are sure ways to get a giggle. The way he throws himself around clearly shows us that he is not a delicate little flower. This boy likes rough and tumble!

Elongated noises…. Making a “Boo” noise is fine but if you keep the noise going like “Boooooooooo” he starts to get upset. Have you ever heard a baby getting freaked out by that?!

Reaching 6 months old is a huge milestone in itself!
The next major milestone will be at 1 year old. I hope that time slows down a little and I can keep my baby small for just a while longer. They really do grow up too fast!
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Spencer’s 5 Month Update

Our little champ is already 5 months old, oh how time flies!! He is no longer a teeney tiny newborn, he is a strong little unit with a whole personality of his own and two teeth. Yes, you read that correctly – TWO teeth!

I have been meaning to do this update for a long time now. Actually I’ve missed out every other month so lets start a fresh from now as I know that he has Nanny, Grandad’s, Aunts, Uncles and many people who love him that want updated with his progress – so here we go…

My grumpy little teether finally fallen asleep on the rocking chair

Spencer weighs 8.2kg, that’s a whopping 18lbs. Yep, that is a whole stone and 4lbs. Convert it anyway you want – this guy is a heavy chunk of baby cuteness! The Baby Bjorn carrier has been packed away as I can no longer carry him like that.

He is a healthy lad with no obvious problems. Teething has been a big problem for him the past month but that is all normal for his age. His bottom two teeth have cut through the gum at the same time and I am praying that gives him some relief. I’ve tried Calpol, Panadol, Ashton & Parsons teething sachets, ice toys, chewy toys – can you suggest anything else?

Spencer can already stand and he will bear all his weight on his legs and with me only holding onto his hands for balance. Rolling has been mastered so we can’t leave him unattended on any bed or change table anymore. He is desperate to be able to sit up on his own and often tryies to pull himself up from lying by holding onto your hands or the sides of his cot.

I have always felt very fortunate that this little lad loves his sleep and has slept through the night (more than 6 hours at a time) since 10 weeks. I put a lot of this down to the fact that he was in his room from a very young age, if he cries I will go to him but I won’t pick him up unless he really needs me to. How do I say that without sounding like a horrible mum? I do believe in sleep training from a young age where possible. He generally takes a 40 minute nap in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

For bedtime he will go down to sleep at 7.30pm and then have a dream feed at 11pm. Hopefully from there he will sleep right through until 6.30am or later.

By month 4 he decided that he no longer likes to sleep on his back and will always put himself onto his front or his side. I was terrified of this at first but now he is very strong and able to roll himself back over if he needs to instead of burying his face in the mattress.

For sleeping time he puts himself on his front and has started to stick his bum up up in the air

This is one smiley, happy boy who loves to meet new people and stare right into their eyes! He has an infectious gummy smile that makes people laugh.

Since he was a little baby I have introduced him to lots of new people and encouraged them to hold him so he isn’t as clingy with me. Clingy babies are cute when you want a cuddle but it isn’t practical for the Mum to be the only person that the baby wants to see.

Spencer loves when the gardener Raoul shows him around the garden

In a day Spencer will have around 5 bottles of milk. We started to introduce ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ organic pouches for breakfast and for his evening meal. Not so much to fill him up but more to get him to try new foods early on. I plan to make his meals for him at home but first I want to see what foods he likes. So far he loves apples, butternut squash, carrot and prune but has a strong dislike for blueberries.

Giraffe on the menu tonight – He is now old enough to hold and properly chew ‘Sophie’

This little guy loves a routine and some structure in his day, he must get that from me!

We found our routine naturally by following the signs he gave us when he was tired and hungry. In a day I know that he will always get up from 6.30am onwards, through the day he will have two naps and will go down for bed for 7.30pm. It is not strict and to the minute but by sticking to this loosely (give or take 15-30 minutes) helps me to have a happy and well rested little boy.

Such a smiley happy boy

Clothes: All his 3-6 month clothes are getting a big snug and is now wearing some 6-9 month clothes already. I have plenty of new clothes ready to be unpacked for him. For diapers he is in a size 4.

All ready for bed and listening to a story

Likes: Spencer is an active little boy! He loves to jump in his Fisher Price Jumperoo and has really got the hang of it. He LOVES to stand up and can bear all his weight on his legs only holding onto my hands for balance – Lying down is not an option for this boy unless he is sleeping. He loves to look at himself in the mirror thinking that it is another baby, we call him “the boy in the mirror”.

Dislikes: One thing Spencer hates is being held like a baby! He will not tolerate it and instead he has to be up and standing. Loud noises upset him as does a double fright -This is when the door bell rings and makes him jump and before he has recovered from that shock the dog barks loudly in response to the doorbell. Cue the tears!

Spencer loves to look at “the boy in the mirror”

I cannot believe that next month Spencer will already be 6 months old. To celebrate we might treat him to a new baby walker to zoom about the house and put those strong legs to good use.

For the next month I am hoping that the poor little soul can have a little rest from teething now that the first two are through.