Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my slice of the internet. I know you must be curious..

Who is this girl hanging from rocks?! Why is a Scottish girl in Oman?! Don’t be afraid to ask.

Many of the same questions creep up on a regular basis so hopefully this list of FAQ’s helps to answer some of them….

Where are you from?

Originally I am from a city called Aberdeen in the North of Scotland in the UK.

What is ‘The Duncan Adventures’ all about?

This is my little section of the internet to express myself, my passions and my life. Sometimes it is wild adventures from the locations of my travels, sometimes it might be family life or the best thing to do with kids. Whatever the content it is sure to be honest & from the heart.

How did you end up in Oman?

My husband at the time, now separated, had a job opportunity in Oman which was too good to turn down so before we knew it we had our bags packed and on a plane to the Middle East.

How long have you been in Oman?

Officially, since September 2012 and still loving it every single day!

What is your favorite thing about living in Muscat?

I have so many favorites about life in Oman, it really is a great place to be!

For me, The lifestyle in Oman is better than the life I could have had in Scotland. From mountains to desert the landscape here is vast and varied which allows for all kinds of different & wild adventures.

What is your least favorite thing about living in Oman?

The summer heat in unreal. The temperature reaches 50 degrees. You can’t even imagine a heat like it unless you have experienced it.

It’s hot, sweaty and exhausting but we all live for the perfect winter weather which makes it all worthwhile. What on earth did people do before air conditioning?!

Was your son born in Oman?

Yes he was born at Starcare hospital in Muscat, Oman. He is still a British passport holder though as Oman does not offer residency for people born in the country.

I want to take my dog to Oman, would you advise it?

This completely differs in every case and very much depends on your dogs age, health and activity level. It is possible to import and export dogs but it is time consuming and costly so you need to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

For all imports and exports I would suggest contacting Muscat Vets for help, they were fantastic for us. You can use their website or email

One thing that I will say, On the internet you will probably read the horror stories about animals can only be exercised between 11am and 3pm – this is complete outdated rubbish.

I’m thinking about moving to Oman, can I contact you for help?

Yes. I can only give you my own opinion and experiences but I will gladly try and point you in the right direction. You can click here to contact me.

Please be aware that I receive dozens of emails every week from people who want to know more about life in Muscat or need advice – If I take the time and effort to you then it is courtesy to be polite and reply with a thanks at least.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

Drop me a message on the contact form or email